The Truth about Pit Bulls

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 - 4:00pm

“Pit Bull.” There is no other breed of dog—or arguably, any other animal at all—whose mere mention can elicit such strong opinions. Try a word-associate game with your friends: Ask them what they think of when you say “Pit Bull.” Chances are that by the numbers, their responses will be more negative than positive. And it’s no wonder: No other type of dog is as widely banned from housing, legislated against, or incorrectly vilified by the media.

How did we get here?
Pit Bulls were once widely considered ideal family pets—affectionate, loyal and gentle with children. But in recent years, these dogs have suffered tremendously from a combination of overbreeding, bad publicity and irresponsible owners. In reality, the overwhelming majority of Pits and Pit mixes are sweet goofballs who have gotten a very bad rap.

Learn the truth.
National Pit Bull Awareness Day, on October 27, is a day of appreciation and education designed to change perceptions and stereotypes about Pit Bulls and their responsible owners. Please take a moment to learn the truth about these wonderful dogs and consider rescuing one of them from a shelter.

Are you a proud Pit Bull parent? Please participate in National Pit Bull Awareness Day, and help us dispel the myths about these dogs by leaving a comment below about your wonderful pooch.

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My girls names are Moku and Molly. Moku is a Staffy and Molly is a Pit Bull/American Bulldog mix. Both are the sweetest dogs ever! I don't know what I would do without them. Moku is my little pig, no really she snorts all the time! And Molly, so gentle and loving, want to kiss her all day long! Get a bully if you dont have one already, you won't regret it!

Stephenie Cantrel

I've raised two Pitts Father & Son. When we 1st got Zeus, we had a 1 yr Shepard, Grizz, I didn't want a Pitt Bull. My son kept begging to have 1 of the puppies that our neighbor Needed to find homes for. Well needless to say, I gave in. Zeus, no longer with us, we had to put down just shy of 15 yrs old, Cancer of the spline spreading to his lungs. He was a dark chocolate Brindle with a white tuxedo. Told my son he would have to train him, yeah okay. Like I said I raised 2 Pitts. Zeus was a very loving guy, very graceful, obstinate, when he wanted to be, happy little lap dog. loved people an other animals. when my son, Jeff, got home from work and sat down in the recliner, he was right there next to him, in the chair or on his lap. I hardly every called him Zeus, it was either Rooney, Ruby or Boob. he was a very good old boy. We all miss him dearly. We breed Zeus with a friend's Red Nose, Penny, Out of that Litter I chose my pick, a beautiful boy Brindle. We never named our boys till we got to know their personality. Well, this one we named Taz, Little Devil. he lived up to it to, more like his Mother, he was a ramie little hellion. he's now 11 yrs old, is and always was my boy. He has other names that I call him also, Tazzer Dazzer, BaBa, Spazzer Cadazzer, Boo Boo. He's calmed with age. He's my shadow, always was. They both love going bye bye, walks and running around the yard. Zeus would always spin in a circle when he got excited. Tazzers used to run figure 8's in the yard and house, From the kitchen thru the middle room into the front room, jump on the love seat, banking off the back and kept going round & round. He loves to watch Animal Planet, he has this thing he does, unless he's sitting with or on me or my son, he goes to get a bite of food then goes to sit in front of the TV and eats it, from the TV to his dish and back again. It's funny to watch him. He's very personable, when sitting with us he talks to us, not barking but little noises and growls. when people first meet him they're thrown of a little, cause when you pet him and then stop, he'll growl at you, telling you, you're not done yet, pet me some more. he loves to sleep in bed with me and when my Man is here, he lays between us on his back face to face with us and talk with us. He's something, this one, doesn't like to be alone. I love My boy, can't imagine being without him. Don't ever wanna. Pitt Bulls are the sweetest, most loving and loyal breed I have ever had the fortune of raising. These animals are here to alert us of someone being there, not to protect and fight our battles. Why would anyone want to hurt physically or mentally such a loving creature. Do onto others as you would have others do onto you......... I look at him and can't help but smile. Wow, oops I could still go on an on.

Stephenie Cantrel

PS Can I post pictures to this?

Our sweet pit is Tami and she is a big bundle of puppy love! Her name is short for Tamale as we have a mexican theme going on with the naming of our dogs and cat (Chili, Taco, Jalapeno (Holly for short) and Beans). The chihuahuas definitely run the house and Tami knows her place well. We think she is the most beautiful pit in the world with her black and white coloring and cute black spots on her belly. When she plops down for her belly rubs she looks just like a mini cow!

We found Tami on the side of the interstate 2 1/2 years ago and she has been a perfect member of our family since day one. We never even considered not stopping when we saw her on the side of the road and are so thankful every day that she found us.

Charles E. Padilla

I want the world to know that I, Charles E. Padilla, have three (3) gorgeous and beautiful Pit Bulls. They have NEVER, EVER shown any sign of aggression. I just adopted a new male and my other male and female were "slow" at accepting him, but now, THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. They play together, they sleep with me on my king-sized bed and I have to say "YES, I DO SLEEP WITH PIT BULLS" may favorite breed, but LOVE ALL animals.

So, if anyone tells you that Pit Bulls are vicious and/or aggressive, please stand up for this breed because "it is how they are raised and if you show lots of love and affection, they will give it back to you 110%. Thank You.

Joan Finnen

My husband and I adopted a wonderful Pitbull 2 years ago and she has changed our lives. Since adopting her we have begun to volunteer at the local shelter that she called home. We decided we needed to be part of the solution rather than the problem. We wanted to educate others regarding the myths of this wonderful breed of dog. She is the sweetest and most loving dog we have ever owned. She is very loyal and protective of us to be sure but she also is so friendly with everyone we meet that I am planning on training her to be a therapy dog. I will never own another breed of dog.

Jim McGovern

I have 3 terriers and love dogs but I am afraid that pit bulls are a dangerous breed and I am very afraid of them . There are several in my neighborhoodf and none of them are friendly dogs

Laurel Masengarb

I have had five Pit Bulls and each one has been so sweet, it hurts when I hear press claim they are vicious and should not be allowed. The owners are the problem, not the breed. They are very good with kids and others when properly trained and socialized. My current dog is lots of fun and a great companion for me and my daughter. Wish I had proper space to have several more. The shelters are full of wonderful Pit Bull needing a home. Four of my five have been recused dogs and they show their love unconditionally for you giving them a good home.


I love dogs.. all animals in fact. But Pit Bulls are dangerous animals. They have shown it time and time again. You people are delusional. They are all prone to snap at any given moment. How many people and children must be injured or die before you wake up? These animals should be put down or at least regulated like a wild animal.


You are crazy