Top 5 Animal Stories of 2012

Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 1:15pm

So you might be asking: Since we meet so many amazing, resilient animals and selfless adopters here at the ASPCA, how could we possibly select our favorites? Well, people, we really can’t. Instead, we’ve rounded up five ASPCA stories that stood out for their heartwarming outcomes and were shared far and wide via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Here are our top five animal stories of 2012.

1. Milo and Mia
2. Britney
3. Cagney and Lacey
4. Ninja
5. Trolley

Got an animal story you’d love to share? Tell us about it in the comments or email us at [email protected].

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Mabel Leffler /...

just want to say thank's to all of you out there who save animals, I am an animal lover, and I have been doing Kitty Rescues for several years now, my neighbers call me both the crazy cat lady and also the kitty angel rescue lady, I now have 30 inside kittys and 10 out side feral kittys nd 5 of the local kittys out side I take care of plus 3 of the local dogs, I was recently turned into the animal control;for saving a pit bull from being killed, but the animal control, dog control and spca all came out here for the third time in the last 4 yrs to do an investagation of all my kittys and once again passed me with flying colors and my home also, But I still wish I could aford a bigger facility to move us all into but will just have to get by with where we are. my home is spotless, odorless pretty much any way. every one is healthy well cared for and vey spoiled, I take in kittys that are non adotable because of health, or mental problems or disabilities. my three vets say any kitty that makes it to my home is a very very lucky kitty who will always have a lfe long home and lots of spoiling. even in death they are specially prepared for cremation in there own blankets and there special toys, then placed in ther own cedar urns in a special cabnit bought just for them. my cremation lady says they are spoiled and cared for even after life

Mabel Leffler / Lady Trucker Klamath Falls Oregon


I rescued a kitty from being out in the snow and cold. I was outside at Christmas time, looking at lights, and there was snow on the ground. It was 16 degrees outside in Greensburg, PA., a suburb of Pittsburgh. I heard what I thought was a baby crying and thought who would have a baby outside in that weather. Then I noticed this little orange and white kitten jumping around near me in the snow and realized that sound was the cat. I could not find anyone else who owned this little cute cat, so I picked him up, shivering, and held him close and took him home. I named him Pennsy. I had been only in PA temporarily and was on my way home to Florida. I took Pennsy with me and he became a Florida cat. I lost my Pennsy to some illness, not sure what, and after having multiple tests done at the vet's. It's always so hard to lose a good friend. I miss him.


I forgot to mention that this took place at Christmas time about 4 years ago and after Pennsy came down to Florida, he lived about another 4 years. He was such a beautiful orange and white kitty. Thank you for your interest.


what a cute dog