Top 5 Animal Stories of 2012

Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 1:15pm

So you might be asking: Since we meet so many amazing, resilient animals and selfless adopters here at the ASPCA, how could we possibly select our favorites? Well, people, we really can’t. Instead, we’ve rounded up five ASPCA stories that stood out for their heartwarming outcomes and were shared far and wide via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Here are our top five animal stories of 2012.

1. Milo and Mia
2. Britney
3. Cagney and Lacey
4. Ninja
5. Trolley

Got an animal story you’d love to share? Tell us about it in the comments or email us at [email protected].

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Renee D.

I would add Brad to the list: Thank you ASPCA staff for caring for the pets and helping them find homes.

Sheila Richards

I particularly enjoyed the happy ending for dear Britney. So much going against her yet she found her perfect person. I have to ask did Cagney find a home yet? That was the hard one. I know she would be well cared for at the facility but would love to know she had her own person/family.


Hi my name is eliya

Paula Hoevenaar

I found a little black and white kitten sitting at a stop sign intersection near my house. She was just sitting there and I really don't know how she did not get hit, this is a busy four way stop. But I turned around and brought her back to our family.
A trip to the vet and Petsmart and $900 dollars later we have a fat, aloof, stuck up cat that thinks she owns the place. She shares her home with a 97 lb yellow lab named Sadie. She weighs 9 pounds, the vet said she will not get any larger because she was so close to death when we rescued her. Needless to say she owns the main level of the house and our lab puts up with her. We also have another rescued cat names Nyra. She is a very statly cat and so loving. She was left to the elements last winter and we took her in with the intention of finding her a home. Well that did not happen and I could not have given her up anyway. She is deaf because of ear infections is what our vet has told us, anyway her ears are scarred and the scar tissue is thick which is her reason for not hearing very well. The two cats tolerate each other but Nyra is older and will put Church in her place. Oh yea, I forgot to mention we named the first cat I talked about Church. Not because we found her by a church but because she reminds us of the cat in Pet Semetary. Only she really made it back from the dead and we love her dearly.


Hats off to organizations who help rescue pets. I am tearfully preparing to send 3 wonderful strays to Mass from PR next week. They will go to a Buddy Dog shelter. I am crossing my fingers that caring new families will quickly adopt these girls, whom I would keep if I didn't already have 3 pups at home.


Hi! i am an animal lover who loves to save animals! I would risk my life for an animal! People may say, " WHAT!?! DON'T WORRY ABOUT THOSE DUMB ANIMALS! YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE! Well even though I only have one life i really love animals! I really need to stop animal abuse and animal testing! JOIN THE ASPCA TODAY!


Thank you ASPCA people!! I admire you so much. I had already read these stories, but I read them all over again. I wish there was an organization like ASPCA in Argentina. Here's all about volunteer's work for animals, at least for now. Animals are true blessings, the purest beings on Earth. They're the best thing that can happen to a human being!!


I was kind of hoping to see something about a starved little dog named Patrick. His story broke my heart and left a very deep and lasting impression there and I have been looking for any kind of update on him at all.

Maria de Leon

It's funny that you mention Patrick, because I was just talking about him to some people at the dog park over the weekend. I will never forget how heart broken I was and how the images of him deeply disturbed me for so long. Any update on him would be great.

zach kerzner

The headline reads dogs who need rides....and then there is no
where to look to help?

zach 609-492-4996