Tiny Pup with Rusted, Heavy Collar Rescued in Dog Fighting Bust

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 11:45am
Puppy being held by ASPCA responder

ASPCA responders are still on the ground in the Southern U.S. caring for hundreds of dogs recovered in a multi-state dog fighting bust late last week.

We’re happy to report that these dogs are undergoing veterinary care and behavioral assessments, and for the first time, will begin to experience life without being forced to fight.

The atrocities of dog fighting are never easy for us to stomach. Many of the dogs we rescued in the raid had been forced to wear heavy collars. As ASPCA responders worked to remove the collars, they came to an especially tiny pup. The metal buckle on his collar had rusted and could not be undone. Even bolt cutters could not cut through the metal, and eventually, the collar had to be gently cut open with a knife. Finally, this small pup was free from the burden of the rusted collar that he should never have been forced to wear.

With your support, we’ll continue to provide the rescued dogs with the extensive attention they so desperately need. Stay tuned to for more news to come. Follow the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #367rescue.

Thank you for helping us support victims of animal cruelty nationwide.

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tessa zimmer

if we could do to people what they do to animals - if that was the punishment - including puppy mills, fur farms, bear bile farms, bear baiting, the list is endless - maybe people would think twice before they completely torture and abuse animals - where did we come off thinking we were the most important species on the planet? We are not.

Foy Tennant

My thoughts exactly---well said tessa. I say do unto and let the punishment fit the crime.


Valerie, I know you mean well but you can never change people who love the almighty $ more than life. There are many who are trying to lead by example such as the ASPCA, The Humane Society of the US and all the well-intentioned rescue groups. Evil is evil and all our compassion will not change that. Compassion is a foreign word to people who abuse others for monetary gain.


What a great idea Valerie:) Just like Hunger Games:)

linda robb

I would like to adopt a male tan and white pit bull puppy a rescused one 908 459 4169

linda robb

I would like to adopt a male tan and white pit bull puppy a rescused one 908 459 4169


The irony of dog fighting is that if you were to ask the very people who engage in this crime what they feel about reinstituting slavery - where people were held against their will in chains; forced to work (sometimes to death) breed against their will; were beaten and starved; living in substandard, filthy, miserable conditions - they would think you were crazy. Yet, they impose these very conditions on their dogs - just recycling the same dynamics, the same karma, through another creature. The "N" word is now considered so offensive, as it is tantamount to "slave" - yet that is exactly what these dog fighters are doing to their dogs. I wish they could realize that their actions make them no better than their victims.

Lisa Wilson



There are many people? in this world that do not deserve the name "Human". Thank you on behalf of all animals. You have made a beautiful difference to these abused dogs.

tessa zimmer

they put heavy chains on puppies to build up the neck muscles - these people are sadists - they should go to jail for a long time.