Three Ways to Stop Dog Fighting that Take Three Minutes

Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 12:45pm
brown and white pit bull puppy behind bars

Dog fighting is a huge problem, and sometimes it can seem that you can’t do much to help as an individual. But there are a few things you can do to stop it now, and we really need your help.

Why? Take it from those of us who have seen dog fighting compounds first-hand: Life as a dog used for fighting is a nightmare.

They live chained up or in a tiny cage. They don’t get the veterinary care they need. They die in the ring or are unceremoniously shot for losing. Some are used as “bait” for other dogs. Some have litter after litter. Some starve. Some go without water for days.

Odds are that dog fighting is happening in your state right now. We need your help to stop it. Give dog fighting victims three minutes of your time?

1. Ask your U.S. representative to support the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act.

The Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act, introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives on January 23, would make it a federal offense to knowingly attend an organized animal fight and would impose additional penalties for bringing children to animal fights. Violators would face up to one year in prison for attending a fight, and up to three years in prison for bringing a minor to a fight.

You can help the bill along by contacting your rep. We’ve made it easy at the ASPCA Advocacy Center, and we promise it only takes a few minutes, tops.

2. Download our new anti-dog fighting toolkit for citizen advocates.

If you’re as horrified by dog fighting as we are, and you think you might want to commit more time to stopping dog fighting in the near future, download our new toolkit developed with the U.S. Department of Justice. It’s got everything you need to know to get more involved. (We admit, actually reading it will take more than three minutes, but you get the idea.)

3. Fight Pit Bull prejudice via social media.

Pit Bulls and dogs who look like Pit Bulls get a bad rap because of their reputation as fighting dogs. Fight it by becoming a tireless advocate for them on your social networks. Start by posting the profile of a cute, adoptable Pit Bull-type dog on Facebook (we suggest Pet of the Week Champion) or sharing a happy tail about a Pit.

You can even share the story of a rehabilitated ex-fighting dog, like Ninja.

Oh, and of course, a bonus fourth thing you can do: Share this post on your social networks.

Easy, right? Together we can make a huge difference, and to the dogs who are suffering right now at the hands of fighters, it means the world.  

To learn about a few more ways to fight back against blood sports, view our 10 ways to help end dog fighting and get educated about the issue on our dog fighting page.

On behalf of the dogs, thank you!

ASPCA staff standing next to happy pit bullJoin the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade!

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Criminals that get arrested for dog fighting (or ANY animal fighting) should be given a dull knife and and put into a ring with another criminal of the same ilk, to fight to the death. The "winner" gets no medical assistance, and will continue to fight every week until losing. Works for me.


These poor dogs have got a bad name. My mother and I have had Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers since 1947.known as killers. It is how you bring them up. We gave them and still give love and tenderness and you could not come across more lovable dogs w2ith children and other dogs.
These monsters who train pit bulls,staffies etc should be put in the pit against the poor dogs that they HAVE made killers and see how they would like it.
Govenments should bring in severs legislation and prison sentences against these horrors.

Regina Esquivel

People should be put in nail for doping This!

Michaela Ufkes

animal fighting rings, it is a felony in 50 states. we should take this further and impose dog support (like child support) on all persons that do harm or create harm on animals for a number of years. and these people should be on a crime list, such as a pedophile list. and no longer be able to control any animal.
if a person downloads a photo of a child, or in any way has ANY thing to do with children in a sexual manner. they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. we can take this same care to our animals. if you are downloading, or watching animal violence, or creating or attending the violence to animals you are punished. jailed,and on a violence list, and a animal support system for a number of years that is governed by the state. this creates jobs in many different ways, and creates revenue for the state, and for the abused and homeless animals, and for the medical attention and housing that animal will need, and it will create revenue for officials to combat this crime.
this will be self sustaining. Rewording the current child support guidlines, and child advocacy laws would work very well.

carolyn mulhearn

stop this evil straight from HELL practice.......these people are from pits of Hell and will return to these pits when they die. Pray for Holy spirit to convict each one of them. pray for extremely strict laws to punish.

carolyn mulhearn

stop this evil straight from HELL practice.......these people are from pits of Hell and will return to these pits when they die. Pray for Holy spirit to convict each one of them. pray for extremely strict laws to punish.


Dog fighting is disgusting, using dogs to fight till the death all for some money its sick and should be stopped, maybe if the owners want so much money maybe they should go fight

Cassandra Spala

People who participate in any kind of animal fighting are promoting abuse and violence. No living creature should ever be hurt at the hands of anouther. It's just not right and makes this world a bad scary place!

terry terreteta

The dog fighters,people who attend should get more than just a year in jail.I say put them thru what the poor dogs go thru!!
Better yet,turn them over to the pet owners who they stole the dogs from.Let them give them the justice that they have coming to them!!Jail is just too good for them!!They need the pet owners
justice given too them!!


I posted a youtube video as a response and got lots of views, you should try this it's easy too :-)