Thank You for Giving Dasher a Home

Friday, December 21, 2012 - 11:15am
Tabby cat being pet

‘Tis the season…to pat yourself on the back! Thanks to our awesome supporters, thousands of animals are home for the holidays—for the very first time.

These animals include one of our favorite cats ever, Dasher.

The ASPCA removed Dasher from a hoarding situation. Though he had been suffering for a long time when we met him, he was still cheerful and outgoing. He loved all people. He loved other cats. Heck, he even loved dogs. Everyone loved him right back.

Even so, Dasher had a hard time finding a home. In addition to being FIV-positive, Dasher had very sensitive skin. He needed prescription food, medication and regular dental care at the vet.

But things turned around for Dasher in September, when Ben P. and Jenn Q. walked in to the ASPCA. Dasher confidently marched up to them for a snuggle, and Ben and Jenn fell in love with him on the spot. Magical!

Today, Dasher is Jenn’s constant shadow, cuddling on her lap or following her around the apartment, unless he’s busy batting around toy mice or a stray bottle cap. Whatever he’s doing, Jenn says, he’s always adding an extra dose of happiness to her home and putting a smile on everyone’s face.

We never forget that without you, Dasher would have never received this second chance. Thanks for being there for him!

If you’d like to help us create more happy endings for animals like Dasher, you can donate to the ASPCA here. (Hurry! Donate before January 1 to get a last-minute tax break.)