Terrified, Matted Pup Gets Happy Ending: Diamond’s Before and After

Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 1:30pm
Diamond before and after

Last year in Texas, a scared little white pup named Diamond arrived at the City of Abilene’s municipal shelter. She was dirty, painfully matted and very scared. No one knew it at the time, but she was also deaf.

If Diamond had arrived at the shelter a year earlier, she may never have found her happy ending. But the folks who work at the City of Abilene shelter are especially dedicated and strongly committed to saving animals’ lives. Naturally, they jumped at the chance to take part in the ASPCA’s Carroll Petrie Foundation Dog Rescue Project, unveiled in September.

Part of the ASPCA Animal Relocation Initiative, the Carroll Petrie Foundation Dog Rescue Project helps cash-strapped municipal shelters like Abilene’s relocate dogs to off-site adoption programs, rescues or private shelters by providing municipal shelters $50 per dog placed. That money can be spent on vet care for an animal, transportation of the pet, or on anything else that will help move the animal out of the shelter.

For Diamond, this program was a godsend. Abilene was able to use the Petrie subsidy to move her to The Pawed Squad rescue. After a desperately needed grooming, Diamond revealed herself to be an adorable little Bichon Frise! She also came out of her shell and showed she would make a wonderful companion.

Soon after rescuing Diamond, the Pawed Squad was able to place her in a loving home that cherishes her every day. Her deafness was never an issue for these awesome adopters.

Congratulations to Abilene, The Pawed Squad rescue and Diamond’s happy family. We’re so glad the Carroll Petrie Foundation Dog Rescue Project is changing lives like hers and thousands of others.

Want to help support our efforts to find homes for thousands of homeless pets like Diamond? Please consider becoming an ASPCA Guardian today.

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Paula Martin

another happy ending /Diamond is a delight

Susan Pope

I live over 2 hrs from Abilene but I continue to share their animals needing homes on my fb page thru the rescue Pawed Squad! Everyone I've sent there has said the shelter workers were great to adopt from & I know for a fact that Pawed Squad is awesome! They have a great networking system there to pull, adopt & arrange transport for A LOT of fur babies to new homes or even other rescues. Pawed Squad is a very caring, professional rescue! We need more rescues & shelters working together like this! Glad they are being recognized for their great work! Diamond is a beautiful success story indeed , but just one of many provided by this caring group of people in that area! Keep up the GREAT work!


What we need are stronger laws for this kind of abuse. We also need laws the make it a requirement to have all animals fixed to they can't produce more. It kills me to know how many puppies and dogs are put to sleep because there are to many. I help animals all the time. I lived where there were so many stray cats. I caught everyone of them and had them fixed then put them back. I made sure they were fed and had shelter. People have no regard for life. Not human or amimal. Why can't we all get alone and work toward resolving the issue. If you help or feed one animal a day or be kind to people every day maybe this would be a better world. Even in here I see people being hateful to each other and not just how can we solve the problem of these poor animals. We have to bring up the president cut down each other. Its sad.


How could anyone let this happen to a sweet little dog when a dogs hair is matted like that it feels to the dog like it's getting pinched !!!!! I know that GOD answers my PRAYERS !!!! Thank GOD for the wonderful people that HELP these animals....


Everyone who posted their comments is what the word human is.Give yourself a hand.You all are the special people in this world that truely describe the words compassion,true love and caring.You truely are special people who can step out of yourselves to love something else and realize that animals feel pain too just like people.For god not only put people on this earth he also created animals and he sees how you all are helping and you all will have treasures in heaven.GOD BLESS YOU ALL


While we are at it, I heard it is supposed to snow tomorrow... I think we should blame President Obama. People, this is a forum about transporting dogs. It has nothing to do with your like, or dislike of the President. Please choose a different website if you want to whine about the President.
I want to thank all the folks who have transported dogs. I got my Lab from Louisiana through a transport. Without these dedicated folks dogs would have very limited access to good,caring homes.


What a sweet little dog. Nice work!

Susan Spencer heart is soooo full.... this is why I give to the ASPCA... God Bless You, one and all!!! :)

Ellen Gaston

It is very nice to hear about Diamond's success story at my own hometown pound! They I believe are a high-kill pound but try very hard to adopt as many as possible. Our city has cut their funding and so I know they need help as everyone else does, but we rescued one of our dogs from there and was very surprised at the kindness of the staff and cleanliness of the facilities. I am thankful they received the grant.

As for politics, I wish all politicians would agree that animal welfare should be a priority and something we can all agree on. Humane slaughter and livestock/farm animal cruelty is particularly partisan. Let's pester our representatives mercilessly!

Carolyn Edwards

What a precious baby. I have two Bichons and they are adorable. I would have rescued this little one if she hadn't found a loving home.