Terrified, Matted Pup Gets Happy Ending: Diamond’s Before and After

Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 1:30pm
Diamond before and after

Last year in Texas, a scared little white pup named Diamond arrived at the City of Abilene’s municipal shelter. She was dirty, painfully matted and very scared. No one knew it at the time, but she was also deaf.

If Diamond had arrived at the shelter a year earlier, she may never have found her happy ending. But the folks who work at the City of Abilene shelter are especially dedicated and strongly committed to saving animals’ lives. Naturally, they jumped at the chance to take part in the ASPCA’s Carroll Petrie Foundation Dog Rescue Project, unveiled in September.

Part of the ASPCA Animal Relocation Initiative, the Carroll Petrie Foundation Dog Rescue Project helps cash-strapped municipal shelters like Abilene’s relocate dogs to off-site adoption programs, rescues or private shelters by providing municipal shelters $50 per dog placed. That money can be spent on vet care for an animal, transportation of the pet, or on anything else that will help move the animal out of the shelter.

For Diamond, this program was a godsend. Abilene was able to use the Petrie subsidy to move her to The Pawed Squad rescue. After a desperately needed grooming, Diamond revealed herself to be an adorable little Bichon Frise! She also came out of her shell and showed she would make a wonderful companion.

Soon after rescuing Diamond, the Pawed Squad was able to place her in a loving home that cherishes her every day. Her deafness was never an issue for these awesome adopters.

Congratulations to Abilene, The Pawed Squad rescue and Diamond’s happy family. We’re so glad the Carroll Petrie Foundation Dog Rescue Project is changing lives like hers and thousands of others.

Want to help support our efforts to find homes for thousands of homeless pets like Diamond? Please consider becoming an ASPCA Guardian today.

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I love stories like this. No animal should have to live the way she lived. Being an animal rescuer myself, I am delighted to see she found some very loving humans! Great job ASPCA - and all the others responsible for Diamonds happiness.


I love all animals. Do cats or other small animals ever need rides? My car is small (Miata) but I can transport 3 of kitty carriers at a time. If u need transportation 24/7 any distance I'd like to help. God bless u all for caring for God's most innocent creatures; the animals. Aillion thanks to y'all!!


I live in Central CT and would be available to transport animals. Let me know how I can help.


So happy sweet Diamond has found her new beginning in her new forever home. She reminds me of my first dog friend from four decades ago. I'm sure Markie has spent many years playing with the other beloved pets at the Rainbow Bridge.

Tricia Hamilton

I would donate my time to give animals care in my area.

Suzanne Clark

I live in central Maine. Would be honored to give an animal a ride any time

Celeste Jackson

What a gorgeous baby...Thank You ASPCA for changing pets AND peoples lives EVERY DAY!

Gail Whitmarsh

I donate every month to the ASPCA and it is one of the
best things that i do for the animals . I have four
animals , 3 dogs and 1 cat all rescues .


I live in mid NJ, across the river from Philly. I would be very happy to help with transporting rescue animals. How do I get started?


Lets not forget our hoofed companions!! I would dearly love to become involved in rescue/fostering of abused/neglected/unwanted equines.