Terrified, Matted Pup Gets Happy Ending: Diamond’s Before and After

Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 1:30pm
Diamond before and after

Last year in Texas, a scared little white pup named Diamond arrived at the City of Abilene’s municipal shelter. She was dirty, painfully matted and very scared. No one knew it at the time, but she was also deaf.

If Diamond had arrived at the shelter a year earlier, she may never have found her happy ending. But the folks who work at the City of Abilene shelter are especially dedicated and strongly committed to saving animals’ lives. Naturally, they jumped at the chance to take part in the ASPCA’s Carroll Petrie Foundation Dog Rescue Project, unveiled in September.

Part of the ASPCA Animal Relocation Initiative, the Carroll Petrie Foundation Dog Rescue Project helps cash-strapped municipal shelters like Abilene’s relocate dogs to off-site adoption programs, rescues or private shelters by providing municipal shelters $50 per dog placed. That money can be spent on vet care for an animal, transportation of the pet, or on anything else that will help move the animal out of the shelter.

For Diamond, this program was a godsend. Abilene was able to use the Petrie subsidy to move her to The Pawed Squad rescue. After a desperately needed grooming, Diamond revealed herself to be an adorable little Bichon Frise! She also came out of her shell and showed she would make a wonderful companion.

Soon after rescuing Diamond, the Pawed Squad was able to place her in a loving home that cherishes her every day. Her deafness was never an issue for these awesome adopters.

Congratulations to Abilene, The Pawed Squad rescue and Diamond’s happy family. We’re so glad the Carroll Petrie Foundation Dog Rescue Project is changing lives like hers and thousands of others.

Want to help support our efforts to find homes for thousands of homeless pets like Diamond? Please consider becoming an ASPCA Guardian today.

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Annmari Lundin

So glad to here about this lovely and beautiful dog finding a forever home!
Please, all political pundits and disagreer and trolls: Could you please minimize your appearance on an animal rescue site and direct your animosity at the objects in hand?
Thanks ASPCA for all that you do!

Ann Brus

The 3 photos showed the progression to misery to pure happiness! It wonderful that there are wonderful organizations out there to turn a abused and neglected dog into a once again happy pet in his forever home! I support animal adoption 100%!

Fina Johnson

Why are we involving politics with this beautiful story. Its not about politics. Missing the point here people. Its about the angels who devote themselves to saving animals. Its about the inhumanity and lack of love and respect for God's creatures. We need to involve ourselves in our communities to teach the young and to educate the old of ways to help the dog and cat population from becoming articles that people just get tired of and just discard them. Its about helping our community and our local shelters in whatever way we can. If you don't have money, you can give of your time.

karen vinson

Congratulations to Diamond and the ASPCA. Been a member for 2 years and am very happy to see results like this.Keep up the good work.:)


C'mon people. Who cares about the politics. It's not about Romney or Obama, it's about the animals. Wake up and just do all you can to help them instead of defending or vififying these politians who only care about themselves. God bless the people who rescued Diamond and the family that adopted her.

dorian canalizo

Are you people for real?????Blaming Obama? Having lived in the north and the south, the southern rednecks take better care of their plants than of their animals. Most are Republicans too.


Abuse and neglect of animals (and children) has been going on in this country forever. Someone, of course, always has to blame the President (especially if it's Obama) for not taking care of that. The problem is that there are no strict laws in this country for those who hurt animals because animals are considered second to humans. (It has been this way since the American Indian was nearly annihalated and the buffalo nearly driven to extinction). If the President tried to make the laws stricter he would be criticized for having "too much control". This story isn't about politics it is about this little dog and other amazing animals who are rescued every day. Each one of us can do our part by signing petitions to ban dogfighting, breeding and euthanizing healthy animals. We also can adopt for foster those who would otherwise end up in kill shelters. Veternarians can offer there services for less money and shelters can start spaying and neutering cats and releasing them to colonies rather than waiting until a problem arises and then trapping and killing them all. We as individuals have to make a difference because we are a "free country" and this abuse is allowed to continue.


Ok come on people. Settle down. This is about the rescue of a sweet little dog who finally found a loving home.

Anne Onymous

Very happy for this cute pooch. Every frightened animal deserves to be cared for, and about. However, cats are, once again ignored and ultimately killed. Why does this shelter only help (time/funds) dogs? Why doesn't every shelter look at the bigger picture? These are animal shelters, NOT dog shelters.

People are commenting about the plight of dogs and cats - but it's the cats that are being killed off because they are looked at as being useless, or unadoptable. That's because people don't seem to want to take the time and effort to rehab frightened cats. It's easier to just kill them off - they are too hard to handle, unworthy of our attention. Give all the money and effort to the doggies. Doggies need recuse, and that's my point. All animals need rescue, love, care, and a permenant home.

Whn you read this and think I'm a bitch, think again. If you are an animal lover, and not outraged that a large section of shelter animals never leave alive, then you are part of the problem. Out of sight, out of mind should not be an option. Soemone else has to be asking the question, "What about shelter cats?"

PETS are not just dogs. They are cats, and hamsters, and horses, and rabbits ... Hopefully, when I offend a whole bunch of you, maybe one or two would see my point. And this is why I do not give to the ASPCA, though I used to. TY, Anne

Barbara Plunket...

I rescued my Josey from the Richmond, VA SPCA the day before they were going to put her down back when they were a kill shelter in Nov. 2000. SO GLAD TO HEAR so many shelters are working to rid themselves of this stigma! There are other ways to handle the abundant overruns of critters. Glad to hear these babies are being rehabbed.