A Tale of Two Turtles

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 3:00pm
Red eared slider

Expecting the unexpected is par for the course when rescuing animals from cases of cruelty. But little did we know that two turtles would become part of the story of thousands of birds rescued from a cockfighting bust earlier this month.

Outside the raid site in Queens, Julia Blue, an ASPCA responder, discovered an abandoned red-eared slider. Julia took the turtle, whom she named Spalding, to her home, where her bunny, a hare named Jack, was not thrilled with his new slow-and-steady companion.

Meanwhile, a New York Times reporter, who was covering the raid, also found a turtle, encrusted in snow and ice, at the scene. She contacted the New York Turtle and Tortoise Society (NYTTS), and the organization agreed to find placement for the lucky reptile, who was named Ice-T by Times readers.

Julia contacted the NYTTS, too, and eventually the two turtles were reunited. Both turtles were placed with an urban wildlife education program, where according to NYTTS, their back story will help bring attention to the larger issues facing abandoned pets.

Read more about the two turtles’ fairy tale ending in the New York Times blog, New York Today.

ASPCA staff responder holding a turtle

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Are you sure they weren't having turtle fights? They look like Ninja's to me :P

If I'm not mistaken that's Donatello and Raphael.


Turtles are amazing creatures... thank you ASPCA

Momma Nature - ...

You have made my day. Thank you so much for your care and concern of animals. I believe those who help animals have a special place in heaven with angels around them now. Since we see so much horror with mistreatment of animals, it is comforting to know people like those who saved the turtles (and cocks) are fighting the good fight. I salute you all!
Carole Madan - Momma Nature - Animal Rescuer


I am so glad the turtles were rescued. Thank you to the two fine ladies who saved the lives of these creatures.


Thank you for all that you do! I myself have a red eared slider turtle, his name is J.R. my friend rescued from her former gardener's abusive, nasty, bratty little son, and then she gave him to me, he has been with me for a little over 10 years, they are the best pets!

Kathie Martin

This story illuminates the foul and dirty blanket that covers all areas of animal neglect and abuse. Where there is one form of it, there is often more...and animal abusers are of the defective and bankrupt character to abuse/neglect ALL defenseless, helpless and voiceless beings, including the aged and children. This is a nice story, a good ending. A great way to illustrate the dedication of the people who work to save and protect animals...adn, in turn, all creatures who are prey to predatorial activity. :-)


So very glad to hear that Spaulding and Ice-T were reunited. I find turtles so interesting! This story makes my heart happy!

Anne Falkenreck

heartwarming story. loved it.

Vane Mar

You guys are angels... Thanks for all the help you guys bring to these animals.

Thank you!!!


My sister-in-law had several sliders in an aquarium pool inside her screened-in porch. One of the male turtles kept trying to escape so she finally gave up & let him leave. Six months later, she was in her front yard & saw a turtle crawling down the street back to her house. It was her slider badly damaged. It appeared that he had been hit by a car. We took him to a young college student friend who was studying biology at Eckerd College in St Pete. He cleaned him up, removed all of the parasites in his wounds, applied antibiotics & wrapped him up. We delivered him back to the house & the turtle was quickly welcomed by the other turtles & he became king of the pond once again. His crushed shell healed & several years later he is still thriving & ruling the pond!!