A Tale of Two Turtles

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 3:00pm
Red eared slider

Expecting the unexpected is par for the course when rescuing animals from cases of cruelty. But little did we know that two turtles would become part of the story of thousands of birds rescued from a cockfighting bust earlier this month.

Outside the raid site in Queens, Julia Blue, an ASPCA responder, discovered an abandoned red-eared slider. Julia took the turtle, whom she named Spalding, to her home, where her bunny, a hare named Jack, was not thrilled with his new slow-and-steady companion.

Meanwhile, a New York Times reporter, who was covering the raid, also found a turtle, encrusted in snow and ice, at the scene. She contacted the New York Turtle and Tortoise Society (NYTTS), and the organization agreed to find placement for the lucky reptile, who was named Ice-T by Times readers.

Julia contacted the NYTTS, too, and eventually the two turtles were reunited. Both turtles were placed with an urban wildlife education program, where according to NYTTS, their back story will help bring attention to the larger issues facing abandoned pets.

Read more about the two turtles’ fairy tale ending in the New York Times blog, New York Today.

ASPCA staff responder holding a turtle

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Thanks to the rescuers! You are heros!

Silver Fang

Glad the two old friends were reunited.


What a wonderful story. I love reptiles, and we certainly have our share of them here in Miami. Even though they are not really cuddly, they still deserve the same good treatment that dogs and cats deserve. Well, snakes can be cuddly, if you get the constricting kind. My boa loves attention.



Brenda Robinson

Always great to hear happy news about animals being rescued! Keep up the great work you do! :)


I used to pet sit for 4 red-eared sliders, and they were great! One got so excited about an upcoming meal that he flipped himself right out of the large tank! Luckily he didn't get far before I picked him up and returned him to his family. Turtles are wonderful animals, and, as noted by others, deserve respect and wonderful care.


As much as I liked the idea of a hare and turtle co-habitation, I'm happy to hear that the turtles are back together and residing at a much safer and nurturing abode.


Great story to read vs. all the negative in the news. Hope to hear such story on TV.
Thanks to the heros!

Susanne Gillette

Thank God for people like you.


Thank you so much for the wonderful work that ASPCA does for all of our sweet creatures that God created. :)