Take Your Dog to Work Day Is June 20!

Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 2:00pm
Yorkie sitting at desk next to computer

All hail the new King of the Office: Tomorrow is the 16th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Your pooch might not get a whole lot of work done (and will almost certainly forget to put a coversheet on those TPS reports), but evidence suggests that workplaces that allow pets have happier, healthier employees. So get your boss’s okay, check out our office etiquette tips for dogs, and make sure your dog is well-rested for a busy day of water-cooler gossip and inter-departmental meetings…with other dogs!

We hope you and your pup will participate in this Friday’s fur-fest—and if you do, snap plenty of photos because we’d love to see them. Tweet us your pictures @ASPCA using the hashtag #takeyourdog, and we’ll share our favorites.

Dog laying on floor next to mail and aspca shirt

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Take A Benedryl ,I would.. Dogs,& Cats are so cute.


After reading the posts I feel sad and discussed that people with allergies used this blog intended for people that love and want to help animals as a forum to complain about their medical problems. Shame on you! I'm sure most of these complainers don't even own pets, so why are they on the ASPCA site? If there are no allergy blogs, start one and use it to complain.


I work in the office of a landscape management company and every day is bring your dog to work day. The only rules are that the dog must get along with the other dogs, they must get along with all the people in the office and that come in and out of the office, and you must clean up after them (although whoever sees it first, usually cleans it up).

Dogs that come often tend to not get nervous and mess, but they are still dogs and we all love them!


And, what if your dog misbehaves? Do you take him/her out and leave them in a car? It's hot here! Leaving dogs in hot cars is a real problem. I'm thinking taking your dog to work is not a good idea.


This has been the best idea ever. Its not only good for the pet to mingle with the coworker's but it shows how well a best friend can behave. I love it. Keep up with the open minds.. Two thumbs up!!


I have severe dog allergies, and the behavior here is completely disgusting. "Get stuff in a store to control it" It's not that easy, and it makes me feel extremely bitter to see people say stuff like that.

Especially when I live in a place full of dog lovers, I can barely have a social life as I can't exactly visit anyone without my skin, and eyes having a severe, and possibly deadly reaction to their dogs.

If anyone thinks I'm being egotistical here, I have an assortment of colorful language for you. The last thing I want is to have to take a day off without pay because people feel so entitles to bring their dog to my workplace. Do you people have no sympathy for your fellow man?

Do your fellow humans and their problems mean less to you than what is essentially a domesticated wolf? Simply disgusting.

People like me could very well die because of your behavior, though I'm willing to bet some rabid mu- I mean person will comment wishing me nothing more then that.

I have to suffer enough with dogs, don't bring them all around to only make it worst. If anyone wishes to still say they want to bring their dogs to their workplace, you (Person whom still wishes to bring your dog to your workplace.) Are a Narcissistic Sociopath with no regard for anything but your own well being.

And should ultimately seek help IMMEDIATELY.


This is absolutely fantastic!!Just love it.Unfortunately, we don't even have a best friend living at home now. Maybe again someday.


Because you'd love to take your best friend to a place full of hazards he or she couldn't understand nor comprehend thus could get hurt or poisoned by?

And you'd love to have to clean up after your best friend has an accident on the floor?

You'd love to deal with your best friend drinking from other peoples coffee, eating their food, etc?

You'd love your best friend causing people with allergies to your best friend to have serious and possibly deadly reactions?

You'd love for your best friend to possibly hurt some one?

You'd love for some one whom has a phobia of your best friend to have to live in fear just because you wanted to bring your best friend in, thus undermining their own rights as a human being?