Take Your Dog to Work Day Is June 20!

Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 2:00pm
Yorkie sitting at desk next to computer

All hail the new King of the Office: Tomorrow is the 16th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Your pooch might not get a whole lot of work done (and will almost certainly forget to put a coversheet on those TPS reports), but evidence suggests that workplaces that allow pets have happier, healthier employees. So get your boss’s okay, check out our office etiquette tips for dogs, and make sure your dog is well-rested for a busy day of water-cooler gossip and inter-departmental meetings…with other dogs!

We hope you and your pup will participate in this Friday’s fur-fest—and if you do, snap plenty of photos because we’d love to see them. Tweet us your pictures @ASPCA using the hashtag #takeyourdog, and we’ll share our favorites.

Dog laying on floor next to mail and aspca shirt

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Meghan Prior

It's a good idea to do some allergy elimination if you have allergies to animals. It's a sign that one's immune system is not working properly. So many synthetic chemical toxins around that one's body reacts to something natural and non-toxic. Boost your immune system by eating only vegan foods and doing holistic natural healing!

Bonnie Schwab

Our owner brings his dog to work everyday. We love Brandy and he is so cute and entertains us. We miss him when he is not here. He is a Golden colored Cockapoo. He also sometimes brings his granddaughters Pomeranian when he doggie sits. Louis is adorable. We really enjoy having pets here. We're lucky, no one is allergic to them.


I am allergic to bratty kids but they still have take your child to work day and I am expected to just deal with it.


Oh. don't get me started on that one. If I had to choose, I would choose take your dog to work day over take your child to work day, that's for sure. Much quieter. I think a specialist in human behavior should take all of these comments and find out why this one idea caused such a mob mentality, that everyone forgot that people have feelings too, just like our dogs, and that we need to be considerate of others. I would make sure everyone was fine with it, before I brought my dog in to work. How do you people who only care about what you want, and don't care about anyone else get along in this world? People matter also, as well as our beloved pets. The hatred that this posting caused makes me concerned about our future as a civilization if we cannot even come to an understanding about other people and our animals. Wow!


Very well said. Unbelievable that this forum has turned into such a battle of negativity.


Every day at my work is take your dog to work day! She's part of the crew and totally runs the show around here. ;)


Believe me, I would bring in my little Jack Russell terrier, but pets are not allowed where I work (and, unfortunately, where most people work). I think she might just live up to her name - a.k.a. "Jack Russell terrorist" - LOL!

Allergic to Dogs

I would have to call out that day and would definitely be contacting my work place advocate since it would not be reasonable to use my hard earned PTO for the fetishes of dog obsessed people.

Allergic to Dogs

Dog people do not care if you are allergic. Its all about them. They are self centered and become hostile when they can't bring their living stuffed comfort animals where ever they go


Pet people are not self centered. Allergies to dogs.