Take Your Dog to Work Day Is June 20!

Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 2:00pm
Yorkie sitting at desk next to computer

All hail the new King of the Office: Tomorrow is the 16th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Your pooch might not get a whole lot of work done (and will almost certainly forget to put a coversheet on those TPS reports), but evidence suggests that workplaces that allow pets have happier, healthier employees. So get your boss’s okay, check out our office etiquette tips for dogs, and make sure your dog is well-rested for a busy day of water-cooler gossip and inter-departmental meetings…with other dogs!

We hope you and your pup will participate in this Friday’s fur-fest—and if you do, snap plenty of photos because we’d love to see them. Tweet us your pictures @ASPCA using the hashtag #takeyourdog, and we’ll share our favorites.

Dog laying on floor next to mail and aspca shirt

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My dog is highly anxious around new people so my work (hospital emergency room) would not be so great for her! She would definitely send people into the ER! But I hope some of my colleagues with mellow dogs will bring theirs in.


I work from home, so everyday is bring you dog to work day!


Lucky you, Chris! Wish I was home with mine!


I have allergies to both cats and dogs. This did not stop me from being a pet guardian. I did the sensible thing and got allergy shots. I continue to get monthly shots. I of course am a guardian to two cats and one dog. Pets are highly therapeutic, providing a calming atmosphere in the work place. Excellent for morale.


Sorry but this comment section is sorta getting out of hand. Besides having animal allergies and asthma I can understand the allergy thing. As I said I have pets and gets monthly allergy shots. I still have allergies just not as bad. For those people who are sensitive and apparently according to their comments dislike pets fine then do not own a pet. But for those of us who do and want to have a single day out of the year where we can bring our pet to work then let us have the day. Where I work there is also a bring your child to work day. I do not have a child and overall am not around children that much however I am certainly not going to object to allowing my co-workers to bring their child to work. At times the kids are not well behaved but I am not going to throw a tantrum about this. FYI, pets are therapeutic in the work place. I can see the effect in hospitals and other environments where people have been and are traumatized. I really cannot understand the vitriol of so many of these comments. In Europe dogs are readily allowed in many restaurants. In Germany where I lived for a while dogs are allowed inside restaurants and well behaved. Remember I can see both sides of this issue. I still have allergies and also asthma that is well controlled.


amen, amen I say to you! :-)


OMG! I can't believe all the negative comments. If work places took allergies into consideration on a daily basis then no one could go to work...perfume, lotion, aftershave, certain clothing, foods....etc!!! Take your dog to work day is awesome - enjoy it and the change of pace at your office!!!!!


I know there are people with animals allergies, but how you can explain service dogs in the work office, transportation, stores, etc. I wish my work allow pets. It's a prove that having your pet with you at work, you produce more and work more efficient. I believe also that something could be done regarding allergies.


Okay enough about allergies!!!!! Does anyone have a story about how the day went with their furry friend at work?


I take my big girl to work 'every' day. She greets everyone with some Alaskan Husky moans, groans and talking, then retires to the sofa chair next to my desk. Today a customer was sitting in her chair and she stood in front of her just staring until i told her she was in my dog's chair. In an hour, the mailman will come in and hand Sundance the mail and she'll bring it to me at my desk, drop it in my hand, then perch her front paws on my knees and lick my ears. Pretty normal day here at First Aid Global