Take Your Dog to Work Day Is June 20!

Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 2:00pm
Yorkie sitting at desk next to computer

All hail the new King of the Office: Tomorrow is the 16th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Your pooch might not get a whole lot of work done (and will almost certainly forget to put a coversheet on those TPS reports), but evidence suggests that workplaces that allow pets have happier, healthier employees. So get your boss’s okay, check out our office etiquette tips for dogs, and make sure your dog is well-rested for a busy day of water-cooler gossip and inter-departmental meetings…with other dogs!

We hope you and your pup will participate in this Friday’s fur-fest—and if you do, snap plenty of photos because we’d love to see them. Tweet us your pictures @ASPCA using the hashtag #takeyourdog, and we’ll share our favorites.

Dog laying on floor next to mail and aspca shirt

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maryann laukaitis

I think that great and the ones that have allergies can find some thing in the store to control that.Such it up give the animals a chance.or better yet don't complain take the day off and lose so money if your that much of a wimp.


I used to, but not any more. I was told it was a "liability"
so sad :(


Happily, every day is Bring Your Dog to Work day at my office. We say it's our best job benefit! Even more importantly, this dog-friendly work policy has made it possible for me to adopt senior, special-needs dachshunds that I would not be able to leave at home alone. And no work day is so stressful that can't be fixed by petting a dog or getting a big doggie kiss!


I have a co-worker that actually had the office buy a "special spray" for the bathroom because the regular freshner doesn't agree with her. I think sometimes people take it too far. I have allergies too, but I don't expect every one to have to change for them.


What a shame this has taken on the role of attacking people with a disability. This is suppose to help save lives this site..Not tear them apart. the world is made up of all different people and comes down to this. if you have a dog that has an illness such as diabetes would you allow someone to give that dog anything that can effect why do that to someone who has an allergy. all we want to do is keep everyone nasty ignorant comments...this is not the place for it...its the place to show support for everyone human and sure..there are people with allergies who cant have an animal still show support by donating money because they cant donate their time..


EXACTLY!!!!! Some of the folks on this site are scary!!!!


a disability REALLY!!!! YOU ARE INSANE


Yes David a dont know how severe each persons allergy i said before go under the Cured up on eosinophilic esophagitis...As soon as something effects my son...he throws up violently while his throat starts to close and sometimes its sooo violent that he throws up blood...he has food, animal and enviromental allergies...the last time he had an allergy attack he was throwing up for 1 1/2 hours all because of a cracker 1 cracker he ate. He endures pain on a moment to moment basis...getting thru a day alive is a goal for him...he would love to have a dog to play with and lick his face and show love to...he didnt choose his life...but this is the life he they way people want to protect their animals are the same way i want to protect my son...I love animals...always have but i would never put someone elses life in danger or have a dog in an enviroment it is not used to so it will up full of anxiety for the when I use the word Disability...It is...


Stacey brings up a great point. Some of the people on here have been really mean to other people because they think their dogs should be allowed anywhere, and the heck with everyone else. I love dogs, and I have 3 of them. However, I am also compassionate towards people, and realize that dogs in the workplace pose too much of a problem for a lot of people. You people on here who make fun of people with allergies; I hope you never have a severe attack to anything, because people can die from allergies. Have some compassion. If our dogs could read what is going on here, they would tell us to love people and dogs, not just dogs.


I have eight dogs, 2 cats, run a dog training center and a non-profit organisation for rescue animals. I would like to appologise to all the people with allergies and fear of dogs for the incredibly stupid and insensitive comments here. Obviously we are not all like that, luckily, and I don't understand how anyone who has no empathy to spare for the people around them, can claim to have any for animals. Just like I expect smokers, drivers, people using noisy tools outside in suburban areas etc to be considerate to me, I will naturally make every effort that my dogs do not inconvenience you. If they do, please don't hesitate to tell me and we'll try to find a practical solution. If I had a job where there weren't normally any dogs, I would of course make sure all my co-workers were ok with it, before bringing them, just like I check before bringing my dogs to friends, events, etc. With a little bit of effort, kindness and consideration for our fellow men and women, with and without fur, we can all live together in harmony.