Take Action—Only a Few Days Left to Help Puppy Mill Dogs!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - 1:45pm

We need your help. Many of you already know that puppy mill dogs endure horrible lives of suffering and neglect. But because of a loophole in the Animal Welfare Act, puppy mills that sell puppies exclusively online operate without any federal regulation at all. Dogs are suffering, and it’s time we put an end to the hidden inhumane treatment.

Please Help!
Right now we have a chance to help close this loophole forever. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is considering a rule that would regulate online puppy sellers, and we're fighting hard to make sure it's effective. But we need your help today!

Please tell the USDA to start licensing and inspecting puppy mills that sell dogs online. We have a limited time to fight for this rule.

You can also help by supporting our team's work to fight for stronger laws for animals across the country and our other life-saving efforts by making a small donation today.

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Maggie Connelly

Needs to end now!


Please start having online selling of animals to be licensed and inspected of the puppy mills they come from. Ooooor get rid of puppy mills all together by making them illegal!


These animals show us love unconditionally! Show them love back!


please stop puppy mills. All puppy's want to do is grow up and be loyal to their owners. They love people unconditionally and would never hurt us. They deserve the same love .


Please end the puppy mills, this is so inhumane. How is it that its not against the law!! These poor dogs!! How do these people sleep at night, no conscience at all!!

caryl garda

Please, please STOP this cruelty and inhumane treatment of these poor helpless animals. How could ANYONE allow this to happen. Please take all measures to STOP this now!


I have a bearded collie that was rescued from a puppy mill and she has some serious neurological issues. It starts with the individual who thinks breeding puppies in this way will bring in revenue. The people who buy from the puppy mills think they are getting a great deal, but they have no idea how much inbreeding is done. I am a proponent of adopting dogs, rather than continuing to breed them, so my thoughts are adopt. Any cruelty to an animal is unacceptable as they are looking to us for love, acceptance, caring. The thought of anyone harming an innocent animal makes me very angry, sad and disappointed. Every dog I've ever taken in to love has a different disposition, personality and it is apparent to me they are individuals just like we are. STOP THE CRUELTY!

Mari Arrington

I call our farm the dog dump resort. People think nothing of bringing these dogs out to this country road and just dumping them be they pups, adults or old age. We take in as many as we can, but there needs to be a moratorium on the ability of people to sell dogs that can procreate and just dumping them to be run over, shot, hunted by wolves or coyotes, and worse abused by humans. If you do not want little ones, spay oir neuter your pets. It is the most humane thing you can do.


Please put an end to puppy mills. No animal deserves this kind of inhumane treatment. STOP THE PUPPY MILLS!!!!

teresa royer

please lets stop all this mills WE ALL KNOW that they are a passive-aggresive torture chambers with the only idea of making a profit at the expenses of this inocent animals....they dont have a choice,they dont have a voice,they are defensless and have the power to stop this....DONT LOOK THE OTHER WAY OR DRAG YOUR FEET ABOUT IT lets make this law a reality....dont be a part of this problem be the solution!!!!! if you dont you are just like them and it will be a shame!!!!!!