Take Action—Only a Few Days Left to Help Puppy Mill Dogs!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - 1:45pm

We need your help. Many of you already know that puppy mill dogs endure horrible lives of suffering and neglect. But because of a loophole in the Animal Welfare Act, puppy mills that sell puppies exclusively online operate without any federal regulation at all. Dogs are suffering, and it’s time we put an end to the hidden inhumane treatment.

Please Help!
Right now we have a chance to help close this loophole forever. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is considering a rule that would regulate online puppy sellers, and we're fighting hard to make sure it's effective. But we need your help today!

Please tell the USDA to start licensing and inspecting puppy mills that sell dogs online. We have a limited time to fight for this rule.

You can also help by supporting our team's work to fight for stronger laws for animals across the country and our other life-saving efforts by making a small donation today.

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Tia Hallford

There has to be a law to put a Stop of Puppy Mills Now!! The horrible suffering, mistreatment & conditions they are forced to live in is simply animal abuse & must be stopped!
The horrible lives they live until they are unable to produce anymore & then killed. It is unreal this has been able to go on this long & it is time to take a stand & be a voice for these poor dogs.

Nathan Fontes

Dear Secretary Vilsack,

Thank you for proposing a rule aimed at protecting dogs raised by large-scale, commercial breeders. I support the USDA’s effort to close a loophole that has left many thousands of dogs vulnerable to inhumane treatment without any government or public oversight.

While I support the USDA’s effort to close the retail pet store loophole, in order to ensure that all animals are protected, I strongly urge you to require that buyers be allowed to personally observe all animals on the facility’s property and their living conditions prior to purchasing any animal in order for a breeder to qualify for the newly proposed retail pet store exemption. If the USDA intends to exempt a breeder from USDA inspection, all dogs and their living conditions must be open to buyers’ full scrutiny to truly ensure the well-being of all animals, including those used for breeding purposes. This small adjustment to the rule fulfills the original intent of the retail pet store exemption by allowing the public to oversee what the USDA does not.

Additionally, I ask that you also ensure this rule absolutely does not impact legitimate rescues or shelters. These groups serve their communities by finding homes for needy animals, do not operate for profit, and were never intended to be covered by the Animal Welfare Act.

I commend the USDA for striking an appropriate balance by attempting to exclude hobby breeders while targeting the most problematic large-scale, commercial breeders. Responsible breeders already meet the minimum standards of the Animal Welfare Act and never sell animals without first meeting the prospective buyer.
I strongly support the agency’s efforts to close the retail pet store loophole once and for all. However, I urge the USDA to do so in a meaningful way that ensures adequate protection and oversight for all dogs used in the commercial breeding and pet industry.

Emily main

Please stop puppy mills !!



Maryama Usoro

Please stop this, it is cruel that living beings are manufactured as possible disposblie object. the whole point of animal companionship is for love, support, not as an accessory. puppy mills just take away the point of having a loving pet. we live in a progressive society that something as cruel as this going on should be put an end to. america is a capitalist society and an idea of selling puppies is to try to catch on a capitalist idea but there should be the limitation to how people make income.

sandra skinner

please stop this treatment of adult dogs and their puppies. its unforgivable how they are reared and it sickens us animal lovers around the world. thank you


Please help to end the cruelty of puppy mills. These terrible places should be under close scrutiny of the USDA and subject to harsh punishment when in violation of animal rights laws.


Oh pls stop the cruelty!


Please stop the inhumane treatment of helpless animals.

Maritza m

Please please please stop these puppy mills!