Stray Cat with Alarming Injury Receives Emergency Treatment at ASPCA Animal Hospital

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 1:45pm
Stray Cat with Alarming Injury Receives Emergency Treatment at ASPCA Animal Hospital

When a Good Samaritan brought Stacy, a stray cat found near a construction site in Queens, to the ASPCA Animal Hospital, she was in dire need of medical attention.

Her condition was alarming: Stacy had a six-inch wire protruding from her left eye. She was very timid, but allowed ASPCA veterinarians to approach her.

“We could see that the wire was not actually penetrating the eyeball, but was lodged in the space next to her eye in the socket,” says ASPCA veterinarian Dr. Anna Whitehead. “The eye was functional so we decided to attempt to remove the wire.”

After sedating Stacy and taking X-rays, Dr. Whitehead determined there was a hook on the end of the wire that anchored it to Stacy’s eye socket. Luckily, our veterinarians were able to dislodge the wire, and Stacy’s vision remained intact.  

Over the past two months, Stacy has recovered under our care. ASPCA behaviorists and volunteers have worked extensively with this resilient kitty to help her feel more relaxed and comfortable. We’re relieved that Stacy arrived at the ASPCA just in time, and that she received the medical treatment she so desperately needed.

 Stay tuned to our Blog for part two of this cat’s happy ending.  

x-ray of injured cat

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Wish to deeply honor and thank Dr. Whitehead and the ASPCA veterinary team for giving Stacy her sight and life back. Your work inspires me. I think you are the greatest.

Robyn Reichert

I mirror the comments from Emma, you are absolutely amazing to helps save this poor animal's vision and health, bless you !
Robyn In

Lake Worth, FL

Catherine D

My dog ate some chocolate pudding and I got scared because dogs aren't supposed to have chocolate. I called the ASPCA poison hotline and they said they could help and give me some advice but I would have to pay. It was nearly $100.00 for advice and I could not afford it at the moment. (I'm a college student who did not have a job at the time). The refused to help me because I could not pay. They are not the greatest. They don't fight for animals. They fight for profit


It is difficult to believe that the poison line is not a free service. I hope your dog recovered. It is thought that the ASPCA has many, many millions and could easily afforded to help someone in need.

Felicia B

I called them to try and get a woman for abandon her cats on the side of the road to fend for themselves and they told me there is no law against and it is perfectly fine for people to do it. I was like really this is unheard of and then the woman just hung up on me. I am so disappointed in this place. How is abandoning an animal any different from beating or starving it. You are pretty much condemning it to a hellish life of trying to find food, water and a place to stay safe in. I am extremely mad at this and am thinking of withdrawing my support of the ASPCA.

KC Cowgirl

Wow...Catherine that's horrible. I keep their poison hotline magnet in my kitchen, just in case. I now know NOT to use it that it's not a free service...(and I donate regularly t the ASPCA....BAD idea ASPCA.


Thank you for helping her!!

faith collins

Wonderful caring people who love animals You are loved all over the world:)


Thank you all for helping stacy


Dr. Whitehead is a true hero for the animals. You are a special person!