Stop Letting Internet Puppy Mills Escape Regulation!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 - 1:15pm

We need your help! Due to the wording of the federal Animal Welfare Act—passed 40 years ago—only breeders who sell dogs to pet stores or to puppy brokers are required to be licensed and inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

That basically means no one is checking up on puppy mills who sell puppies directly to consumers over the Internet. As the ASPCA has seen firsthand, the photos of happy, healthy puppies posted on a breeder’s website often totally misrepresent what conditions are really like for these puppies and their parents.

Take Action!
The USDA released a proposed rule to close this loophole. Please visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center and let the USDA know that you support the proposed rule to close the loophole that has caused untold thousands of dogs to suffer inhumane treatment without any federal or public oversight. Visit today!

Thank you for taking action for puppy mill dogs!

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Diana Crabtree

Yes make it stop!! These poor dogs deserve better. We have enough dogs and cats there isnt a reason for breeders anyway

sandra palacios

do not allow online puppy mills to operate without being regulating

Jodi Gambino

Make this stop!!!!

Matthew Boylan

Hello, ASPCA:

My name is Matthew Boylan and I am a Senior Reference Librarian for the New York Public Library. I am assisting a retired NYPL worker who volunteers at the shelter of a mid sized city in New York State (and believes she saw a study - possibly by ASPCA) that it costs more to shelter a dog (specifically Pit Bulls) in a facility than it does to make a one time payment to a rescue organization? Do have any knowledge of such a study? Also, is there a database or library or archive that would hold such a study? Any answers or suggestions are welcome.

Thank you,

Matthew Boylan

[email protected]


This law will not help! This will HURT more animals! Please do not hurt more animals with this! I know lots of people who have rescued and use the internet to place the animals. If the shelters are already full, this will cause mass dumping of animals. Someone is NOT thinking clearly!!!!!

Jarilyn Pusz

AS a FYI the USDA already inspects commercial breeders! This bill is not about them- this proposed regulation will destroy the the reputable hobby show breeder - as we can not comply with the sterile conditions meaning caging and kenneling our dogs. Our dogs are raised in our homes as valued family members we do not want them raised like a product!! Not to mention this bill will also shut down rescue organizations also! Get a gripe folks the AR people are against all domestic animals! WE have raised and shown dogs for over 30 years and have never had a pup returned due to neglect! ANY dog we bred we will take back at any time (as all reputable breeders will do) for any reason as we do not want them ending up in shelters etc. Do your research before commenting on things you do not understand.


If this comes to pass, say goodbye to puppies and kittens. There will be no more.




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