Starved Pit Bull Recovers at ASPCA; Owner Arrested

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 - 5:00pm

On October 7, ASPCA Special Investigator Paul Romano removed Hennessy, a weak and emaciated Pit Bull, from a Staten Island home. She was found tied to a short leash, and veterinarians at the ASPCA Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital determined that the skeletal dog had been starved.

Flash forward to December, and Hennessy is hardly the same dog. (Check out the before-and-after pics below!) During her stay at the ASPCA, she’s gained 92 percent of her body weight.

While hospital staff takes care of Hennessy, Humane Law Enforcement Agents are taking care of business. On December 11, Agents arrested Laquanda Carter, Hennessy’s owner. Carter, 27, was charged with animal abuse and faces a year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine if convicted.

Hennessy was rescued thanks to a concerned neighbor who reported the abuse. If you suspect an animal is being abused, don’t keep it to yourself—report it to your local authorities.

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Poss off you totally ignorant hasbeen. It+s people loke YOU who need to be exterminated


Piss off you totally ignorant hasbeen. It's people like YOU who need to be exterminated

DeAnne Davis

You sir, are an idiot. Pit Bulls were originally called nanny g=dogs, as they were placed with children and in nurseries. They were highly decorated working dogs throughout World War 1 and 11. They actually rate below Labradors on the Dog Aggression Index. They are, however, a strong breed, who trains well in whatever their owner trains them to do. So. Who's fault is it, if an individual dog is aggressive? The owner. There are more bites registered per year by Cocker Spaniels than pit bulls. They are simply the latest in the picked on breed of the decade. In the 70's, it was the Doberman, in the 80's, it was the German Shepherd, in the 90's it the Rottweiler. Now it is the pit bull. It is actually the people, not the dog. Good day.


Are you saying because some people are murderers that all people should be exterminated because that is what it sounds like to me. There are good and bad in every breed and every human being - you cannot just say exterminate because there are a few bad apples.

Sharon M. Hall

I have owned pit bulls along with cats and other breeds of dogs and pit bulls ARE NOT a naturally killer breed. This is a vicious misinformation campaign that can only be stopped through calm presentation of the facts about pit bulls. I have had a more "vicious" dalmation than my "bully", and Dalmation are notoriously friendly, playful and child friendly dogs...JUST LIKE MY PTI BULL. Please get the facts before regurgitating the hatred spewed by the ignorant you eat without thinking!

Annie Au Yong

I am totally disagreed with your remarks on pit bulls! They are really good dogs subject to the owners' proper training by a professional dog trainer like the Dog Whisperer!

Silvia S.

...totally agree with Rosalind, same treatment to this kind of "persons"!!!!!!!


he should be left to us to handly, we will take off a small piece of him every 3 hrs so he can suffer.


If Pitbull are the so- called killers and must be exterminated according to one comment here, the person who commented this must also be terminated. Animals have a more sound Nature than one or a hundred Humans put together- they will give their lives to protect us, unlike us Humans. So, SUCK IT UP, this is to RIchard, the Pitbull plus many a animal hater, who dared to pass that comment!

Steve Dyson

Rock on Mary!!