Stand Up For Dairy Cows—Stand Up to Ag-Gag Bills!

Monday, October 15, 2012 - 10:45am

The findings of a dairy farm investigation were released last week, and they aren’t pretty.  Video footage reveals workers beating, kicking, jumping on and shocking cows at Bettencourt Dairies, a major Idaho dairy. In one appalling scene, a cow, apparently unable to stand, is dragged by her neck with a chain attached to a tractor. Five Bettencourt employees have been fired and three face charges of animal cruelty.

As hard as the video is to watch, these acts of cruelty are sadly not unusual. With every new investigation released, we learn that cruelty is rampant on factory farms all around the country. Some of the cruelty comes in the form of obvious violations like in this recent investigation, while some is inherent in the standard practices of factory farming. Unsurprisingly, cruelty and cleanliness are often linked, and raise food and worker safety issues: This video showed extremely unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

Farm investigations are one of the few tools animal advocates have to bring criminals to justice, and to pressure the food industry to adopt higher standards of animal welfare and food safety. Aware of the power of these videos, Big Ag lobbies to criminalize investigative workers and keep consumers in the dark. “Ag-gag” bills, introduced over the last few years in states around the country, attempt to make it a crime to document animal abuse on factory farms. Last year we fought hard to defeat these bills in many states. But this year will likely bring a fresh onslaught. Ag-gag bills will continue passing until every one of us stands up to the industry’s effort to block reforms for both consumer and animal welfare.

Learn more and find out where your state stands on ag-gag today! 

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When are people going to force the government to stop this abuse? Laws should be tougher for animal protection. Punishments should be serious felonies and heavy fines. People who abuse animals are not fit to live with the rest of society.


Where do they factory farms find the shitbags? It's AWFUL!

Viviane Trevithick

I think animal cruelty laws need to be beefed up and enforced. Throw the book at these douche bags.

If there's any videos or PSA's that anyone would like to partner up with me on I'd be happy to do my part in recording and editing to speak up for these poor animals.

I'm sickened by this. And would like to learn more about what I can do legally to get more extreme criminal charges against these inhuman monsters. What can I sign? What can I do to make a difference for these helpless animals?

Emily Lepore

John Seggerman

Are you people for real.....have you ever been on a dairy farm and see how these cows and calves are treated. The big dairies I have seen air-condition their barns in the summer and heat them in the winter.....cows are fed constantly and sleep in clean facilities. All the while they are being milked 3 times a day which seems like a pretty sweet gig to me on matted floors with a fresh bath prior to being milked.......DISEASE FREE and producing the best quality milk our nation has ever had access to.

Larry Townsend

Come on folks do any of you even know where rural America is or have u ever been on a true farm?
Why would any businessman destroy his asset producing vehicles for a few quick bucks? Makes no sense to me but if you folks want to buy this baloney so be it but you are slandering the many great farm families and farmers that toll endlessly for you relatively cheap and very high quality food. Shame that some have an agenda that is so disrespectful and vile toward those that feed us.


GET THEM IN JAIL! When will people stop?!?! Leave the animals alone what the hell have they done to them!? Treat them with respect and dignity!!!

joyce silverest

I didn't watch the video. I can't! But the thought of what went on at that farm sickens me. There's absolutely no excuse for animal abuse!!!

Robin Borne

Please stop the inhumane treatment of cows! No cages anymore let cows run free!