Spread the Truth about Shelter Dogs

Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 11:30am

“I’m buying a dog from a breeder because shelter dogs are too much work.” “I’m getting my dog from a pet store because shelters don’t have puppies.” “I don’t want a pre-owned dog. It won’t love me as much.”

Ever heard someone say this totally wrong-headed stuff? We have too, and it we bet it makes you as crazy as it makes us! We know shelter dogs and puppies are awesome—maybe you’ve got one making your house a home right now—but it seems like not everyone does…yet.

So what can we do about it? Spread the truth about shelter dogs, of course! That’s why we created our “Proud Parent of a Shelter Dog” and “I <3 My shelter Dog” tees, totes and more: so advocates for shelter dogs like you can help change minds. Sporting these is the easiest way to lead by example and help get the word out that shelter dogs are the best.

In honor of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month (that’s October, folks!), the ASPCA Store is taking 20 percent off all apparel and gifts that promote shelter dog adoption.

Remember: All proceeds from the ASPCA Store are used to help save animals’ lives.

Own some of this gear already? Yay, you! Tell us about it in the comments. Oh, and give your shelter dog an extra belly rub today from the ASPCA.

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I am having trouble getting this app installed on my timeline, any suggestions? (JoeforHim AndTheAnimals/fb profile)

Jo Anne Davis

I have tried to adopt another dog from a shelter but have had much trouble! Because I have another dog and cats.

Linda Taczala


They will allow adoptions with other pets in the home. This rescue find homes for dogs that will get along with other pets in the house. I'm a foster for this group. I have 2 dogs of my own, and 1 foster at the moment.


We adopted our 4th older, shelter dog! We have never had a puppy and love our preowned dogs. Shelter dogs love you almost immediately. They appreciate you and your love. We have preowned and purchased dogs in our neighborhood, we love them just the same.

Patrick Oliver

Go shelter dogs!


Adopting a shelter dog today!! I am so excited to get the little guy! He is a puggle and is so precious!


Shelter dogs rule....