Some Dogs Never Make It Out—Help Us End Puppy Mills

Monday, May 23, 2011 - 3:00pm

Holly Springs, MississippiThe ASPCA arrived at the scene to find more than 95 severely underweight dogs living in feces-encrusted pens. The degree of neglect was shocking—skin disease, rotted teeth, malnutrition and infection were widespread. Several dead dogs and puppies were discovered on the property. Others, like Binah, were barely alive.

Binah was one of the many victims found living in squalor at the Holly Springs puppy mill. She was dirty, skinny and unable to walk due to a congenital defect made worse by spending years in a tiny, overcrowded cage. Binah was forced, with little regard to her health or well-being, to produce puppies assembly-line style.

"Mother dogs like Binah are considered a cash crop—the more puppies they can crank out, the more money the mills make,” says Cori Menkin, ASPCA Senior Director of Legislative Initiatives. “When they can no longer produce, they are deemed worthless, just like broken equipment."

Special Update
Thanks to you, our team was able to rescue Binah and countless other dogs like her. After spending months recuperating at ASPCA Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital, Binah made a full recovery and is now thriving with her new forever family. She enjoys the comfort of a warm bed, hearty meals, and all the love and attention she spent so many years without.

Some dogs never make it out—without your help. Please join our fight against puppy mills.