Slideshow: Dogs Rescued from Fighting Ring

Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 12:00pm
Slideshow: Dogs Rescued from Fighting Ring

Earlier this year, the ASPCA assisted in a three-state dog fighting bust alongside the FBI, Missouri Highway Patrol and several other agencies.

When we found these dogs, many were doomed to live their whole lives tethered by heavy chains—and on the day of the raid, many were left outside to suffer through a blizzard.

Today, after months under the care of our behaviorists, veterinarians and tireless responders, dogs rescued from this raid are thriving. In fact, some have already headed to rescue for adoption! Still others remain in our care.

We wanted to show you some of these dogs’ happy faces and thank you for helping us make their rescue possible. We couldn’t have taken on this massive operation without your help!


Slideshow: Amazing Transformation of Dog Fighting Victims

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carri ortiz

I don't believe they do that to the dogs....they love animals, that's why they do what they do! I'm sure there are extreme situations but they do everything in their power to rehabilitate these poor dogs!


loverly to see them so happ y

Jane Burgett

I've never heard anything negative about this organization however the Humane Society is another story...almost nothing goes to the animals. Everything is doled out in large salaries. I'll never support them again.


I only support my local Human Society, and not with a monetary donation, I bring them dog and cat food or pay money towards vet bills directly at the vet office. It's a way to ensure the animals get what they need and that my money goes where it's needed most.

Candace Burghardt

This is great!! Thank you ASPCA!!

Erika Newsome

You all do the "good work". Thank you!!!


Here in our place, there is one organization that helps dogs who are being trained as killers. It is call AKF, Animal Kingdom Foundation, and they are really doing a great job!

<a href="">Thomas Peart</a>


Thanks ASPCA for all the work you do, but a really big thanks for rescuing these poor dogs! I find it hard to believe what people can do to dogs! Love seeing their smiling faces cause there is nothing better than a pitty smile!


all the dogs that were saved in the raid are amazeing in every picture they are all smileing!! im so thankful for all of you involved in every aspect of this thank you so much.. i love my lab/pitt hes awesome grandbabies can crawl all over him an he loves it! where ever they are you find rocky, keep up the good worl i love seeing happy endings!!


Thank you to the ASPCA for the ongoing, rehabilitative work they do with horribly abused animals. They are giving these precious animals a chance where no chance existed. I hope they all recover and go on to lead loving, happy, trusting lives. I stopped donating to the Humane Society when they hired that pro football player, Michael Vick, who ran that gruesome dogfighting/dog torture operation in VA. I hope that all animal abusers get caught and sent to prison like Vick did. In fact, harsher penalties should await them.