Slideshow: Dogs Rescued from Fighting Ring

Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 12:00pm
Slideshow: Dogs Rescued from Fighting Ring

Earlier this year, the ASPCA assisted in a three-state dog fighting bust alongside the FBI, Missouri Highway Patrol and several other agencies.

When we found these dogs, many were doomed to live their whole lives tethered by heavy chains—and on the day of the raid, many were left outside to suffer through a blizzard.

Today, after months under the care of our behaviorists, veterinarians and tireless responders, dogs rescued from this raid are thriving. In fact, some have already headed to rescue for adoption! Still others remain in our care.

We wanted to show you some of these dogs’ happy faces and thank you for helping us make their rescue possible. We couldn’t have taken on this massive operation without your help!


Slideshow: Amazing Transformation of Dog Fighting Victims

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Mara C.

You don't gas them, you give then the needle, in your portable death mobiles (I mean vans)! I've seen the photos and they were not posted by corporate saboteurs. People at some kind of complex, I want to say mall, complained because you tossed trash bags filled with the bodies of puppies & kittens into the dumpster!


NO HOMES MEAN WHAT TO YOU? A warehouse of animals? Is that a solution?


PETA believes no animals should be pets and that the humane thing is to KILL pets as fast as they take them in. The animal goes in the front door NEVER to come back out, expect in a trash bag to be picked up and thrown away like garbage. PETA is a farce and has been killing pets for years, only they outright mislead the public into believing they're all for rescuing. Yes...they "rescue" but ONLY to KILL them. PETA is a farce who needs to be exposed throughout the world. They are evil.


Someone once posted that flashing my lights at another car would get me killed in a gang shooting. Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

Rebecca Rens

PETA mercifully puts down animals that are suffering and dying by injection. No decent animal organization such as the ASPCA,The Humane Society of the USA, and many others gas animals. I have done my research and you can too by googling various animal organizations and getting their charity ratings.


Yep, Craig, if you live in So. Calif, that could be a possibility. Gang Bangers are famous for that and even if you look their way, challenge you with words and fights.


NO WAY!! ASPCA only puts an animal down if they have no other option, no surgery, no medication, and the animal is suffering. They are no kill, you friend was likely confused by an Animal Care and Control, like NYACC's which are absolutely kill shelters. In fact, Brooklyn NYACC has killed many a dog simply for getting kennel cough.


Here's my story. My cat Sinbad was trapped by a neighbor & taken to the ASPCA in Brooklyn, NY in 1995. I went to the ASPCA THE NEXT DAY to get my cat back and he had already been euthanized, less than 24 hours after he arrived there. He was a healthy, neutered 8 year old cat. That's a fact. So eventhough the ASPCA does do wonderful things for animals, they are NOT no kill.


Really. Why did they euthanize your cat?


You're right, they're not. We had a stray cat we found in our yard in Feburary- he was a nice little cat, very loving. But he had a torn ear and was missing teeth. We called the ASPCA to see if they would take him in, and they would- but only to euthanize him. They hadn't even seen the little thing and they had already decided his fate.
Now the summer before I had lost a dog, and we've seen nothing of him, even though we chipped him. It makes me wonder if he ended up at the ASPCA's.
I'm sorry about your cat.