Slideshow: Dogs Rescued from Fighting Ring

Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 12:00pm
Slideshow: Dogs Rescued from Fighting Ring

Earlier this year, the ASPCA assisted in a three-state dog fighting bust alongside the FBI, Missouri Highway Patrol and several other agencies.

When we found these dogs, many were doomed to live their whole lives tethered by heavy chains—and on the day of the raid, many were left outside to suffer through a blizzard.

Today, after months under the care of our behaviorists, veterinarians and tireless responders, dogs rescued from this raid are thriving. In fact, some have already headed to rescue for adoption! Still others remain in our care.

We wanted to show you some of these dogs’ happy faces and thank you for helping us make their rescue possible. We couldn’t have taken on this massive operation without your help!


Slideshow: Amazing Transformation of Dog Fighting Victims

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EXACTLY right. He worships the ground Rick Berman walks on. You people that READ the HUMANE WATCH (liars and frauds love those catchy names, don't they!?) need to watch THIS.


I quit donating to Peta a year ago. 97% of the animals they pick up are killed! There have been abuses by their workers. I give only money to the ASPCA. I know with the ASPCA the money is used to help, salvage and find these poor creatures NEW LOVING HOMES. My PitBull, D.O.G. died after 15 yrs. of heaven sent companionship last month, looking at these beautiful animals made me remember how blessed I am to have had him in my life. God Bless the ASPCA!


we had a rescue pit we got her when she was 6 months and our grandson was 6 months she was a beautiful and loyal and sweet even after what she went thru she come to be our grandsons dog her name was caramel we went to visit family one day out of town we weren,t gone maybe 5 hours and when we returned she was gone we searched for her almost a year everyday calling our local radio broadcasting and telling everyone and we searched every neighborhood or call of she had been seen she was on a chain we are sure she was stolen we had a neighbor who was trying to buy her for a friend they wanted to breed her we said no repeatly they were seen in our yard day she went missing but we couldn,t prove they took her she was not a dog caramel was our child and my grandsons best friend jessie still cries for her if he sees a dog just like her neighbors at first said to get rid of her just because she was a pitbull they said she will kill that child caramel was family she was a year old when she was took we still miss her we want to adopt another pit but don,t have money to buy one for 5-1000 dollars we took a chance when we got caramel can someone please tell me how to adopt a free one we live in shelby county texas we have faith in pits their not bad some owners are email [email protected]

and someone

darla hill

I too don't know who to trust,I guess no-one without facts. There are still animal shelters that still gass our demesticated friends who are unwanted.I trusted shelters were for the animals,but they are so..swamped,because people still keep breeding,even though thousands or more a day are being killed by the dozens. Untill we get so called pet lovers to stop breeding,the killing is going to keep happening.Breeding makes it easier to look the other way,cause of being overwhelmed or oh well,there's more where that came from. The laws aren't doing anything to try and stop breeding and killing,must be profitting ,off over population somehow. I too have to wonder who might be misleading public.Closed doors of any place is A Big Red Flag To Me!!

Laura Mitchell

I am so glad that these dogs were able to found new homes where they will be loved and taken care of. No dog or animals deserves to be put through this. The humans that do this need to have it done to them...Eye for an eye. God did not put these animals on earth for humans to torture, abuse or kill for pleasure.


I've heard nothing good about PETA so I have nothing good to go on

Savannah Marquez

start donating to the ASPCA and help every dog and cat get the medical attention it needs and help stop dog fights!

Jean Turnage

These wonderful pictures made me cry. It is so good that our rescue organizations are now making such an effort to rehabilitate these dogs instead of putting them down immediately. I applaud all of your great people that are working so hard for these misunderstood dogs.

Carey Winicki

You guys are awesome! Thankyou for all the work you do for these beautiful creatures..God Bless each and everyone of you.


Regardless of circumstance or owner, lets look at the realism here of the discussion taking place. We (be it any organization) rescues animals in need. Many of them have been so messed up by bad people that they will never be welcomed back into society. That leaves us with few choices.
1. Lock them up no differently then we do with the humans who cannot re-enter society, except they, as free spirited beings, do not understand that the bars are meant to protect them.
2. Leave them is the awful situation we rescued them from, destined to live a painful life and die a terrible death.
3. End their suffering in the arms of someone who cares, in a final moment of love.

Choice three is a terrible one, it comes as a result of our species neglecting and taking advantage of the other inhabitants of this earth, however, sometimes, as a last resort, it is the right choice. Be it ASPCA (who I support), Humane Society (who I support) or PETA (who I can't stand because of the reasons listed in other posts), they genuinely act in the best interest of their wards within their capabilities.

The fact is, we all do the best we can, and we all have a common goal. That goal is to create a world where our presence is no longer required. A world of empty shelters, without animal fighting, where no soul is left behind. Until that day, we simply do the best we can.