Slideshow: Dogs Rescued from Fighting Ring

Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 12:00pm
Slideshow: Dogs Rescued from Fighting Ring

Earlier this year, the ASPCA assisted in a three-state dog fighting bust alongside the FBI, Missouri Highway Patrol and several other agencies.

When we found these dogs, many were doomed to live their whole lives tethered by heavy chains—and on the day of the raid, many were left outside to suffer through a blizzard.

Today, after months under the care of our behaviorists, veterinarians and tireless responders, dogs rescued from this raid are thriving. In fact, some have already headed to rescue for adoption! Still others remain in our care.

We wanted to show you some of these dogs’ happy faces and thank you for helping us make their rescue possible. We couldn’t have taken on this massive operation without your help!


Slideshow: Amazing Transformation of Dog Fighting Victims

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Carol Roxanne Winham

Someone posted on facebook that your org accepts solicited donations for rescuees then gasses them. Im horrified that I may have been a party to this.

Candy Helin

No way! You cannot believe everything you read on Facebook!! Do some research and check out this organization... They have done more to help abused and neglected animals than any other organization... including the humane society.


PETA rescues the very most sick, suffering animals and if the most humane thing is to euthanize them to put them out of their misery, that is the best for those poor animals. PETA DOES NOT GAS THEM, they have a vet type room where the animals are euthanized which is the same as if you need to have your pet put down. I think it is very unhumane to keep an animal alive and continue to put it thru many operations and allow it to suffer needlessly.


I agree, some people just don't know when to let them go...i think it's selfish to let or make them suffer just because they aren't strong enough and kind enough to let them go them


PETA does NOT believe in having pets...they believe that ALL animals should roam free. Therefore, PETA KILLS as many "pets" as they can get their hands on to supposedly "save them" from a life of being a pet. They are a farce and have been fooling the public for many, many years.

valerie Denaro

I don't believe that is true about Peta, I just think that they realize that even people who have pets and think that they are doing a good job caring for them actually be hurting them. There are cats and dogs that simply live only to sit around the house, and get fat because they have no stimulation at all and don't get enough exercise. I think that animals need more than most people even understand.

Jackie P

This article is not from PETA, it is from the ASPCA. Also, you may want to do some research about PETA, before you post negative comments about them on here. Thank you.


AMEN Jackie P


someone else told me this about PETA and i think peeps should pay attention to what this organization does ... at times they do euthanize as an act of mercy in SEVERE cases of abuse or neglect where there is NO hope for quality of life ... but your info about them not wanting people to have pets is not accurate ... think you misunderstood ...


By the post someone has been doing lots of talking and no research.