Slideshow: Cat Survives Severe Chemical Burns

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 - 3:30pm
Slideshow: Cat Survives Severe Chemical Burns

When ASPCA staffer Rena L. saw a veterinarian cradling a tiny animal in her arms, she wondered, “Is that a turkey? What’s a turkey doing at the ASPCA Adoption Center?”

Then she realized: The tiny animal was in fact a cat—one who had suffered severe chemical burns on her back, scalp and other parts of her body. Kylie’s ears were singed off, and she couldn’t walk or close her red and cloudy eyes.

“My heart was completely broken,” remembers Rena, ASPCA Adoption Center Department Coordinator. “Ever since that moment, I’d go visit her when I was done with my office work, for 30 minutes to an hour.”

Late last year, Kylie was found hiding behind some bushes, quietly suffering, when two dogs sniffed her out while out on a walk. The dogs’ pet parent took the first step toward saving Kylie’s life: He brought her to ASPCA Animal Hospital. But Kylie’s struggle was far from over, and our veterinary staff didn’t know if she’d pull through.

“It was really touch-and-go with Kylie because she’d lost so much skin,” recalls ASPCA veterinarian Dr. Patricia Wagner, who treated Kylie. “We didn’t know if she’d be able to blink, or walk, ever again.”

Kylie needed several surgeries, specialist care and extensive treatment for her injuries. She spent months at the ASPCA Animal Hospital, where everyone fell in love with Kylie and her sweet, patient personality. “Everyone knew who Kylie was,” says Dr. Wagner. “There were so many people here pulling for her. We didn’t want to fail.”

Then one day it was clear to our veterinarians that Kylie’s recovery had turned a corner—she was out of the woods. In fact, Kylie was ready to continue her recovery in a foster home. Rena’s was an obvious choice. Rena began fostering Kylie in February, eagerly taking on the medical regime her new foster kitty required: pain medicine, fish oil and eye drops, all twice a day on a rigid schedule. To protect Kylie’s burns and promote healing, Rena purchased her a T-shirt. When the shirt didn’t quite fit, Rena had it tailored.

Today, Kylie is an integral part of Rena’s family and fast friends with Lafaille cats Gizmo and Cleopatra, a Beagle called Maya, and Baby Jin, a four-and-a-half-pound Chihuahua who is her playmate and constant companion. Rena continues to work with Dr. Wagner on Kylie’s treatment, and they’re hopeful she won’t need medication one day.

“Kylie will never, ever give up no matter what,” Rena says. “It was her spirit that got her through this. She’s really an incredible cat.”

We can’t think of a better example of the animals our members’ support touches. If you haven’t lately, please consider making a gift to the ASPCA today. You’ll assist animals like Kylie—those already fortunate enough to be in our care, and those still waiting for our help.

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Nicole Roberts

I just don't understand this anymore!!! Things really are just getting worse!! The animal abuse has reached a whole new level recently. Why are there so many animal abuse cases that now include acid burns or even burns from boiling water? I just can't comprehend this type of abuse. These people walk our streets; what would they do if they came across an alone/lost child? Would they do the same? Statistics say: those that can harm a defenseless animal don't stop there and do move on to humans. If people turn a blind eye to the animal abuse; will they really turn a blind eye to the expected progression unto humans that is scientifically proven? What is going on these days? Why is the abuse taking such a barbaric turn? It is making me sick. These people need to be found and, I will say eye for eye (we all know what I think should happen to them). I'm so saddened of these horrendous acts of animal abuse. God bless those who jump in to save these precious animals lives; also give them a home and show them the love the need/deserve and help them with what they need to: a second chance at the wonderful life they can have (these horribly abused animals and all in need). I hope one day this will stop day. We have to teach our young, very young, to have compassion and to not harm others defenseless to us of which includes animals. Thank you again to the family who took this precious kitty in to love and nurse back to health!! You are so appreciated.


Thank you Rena, and to all those who helped nurse Kylie back, and provided her with much needed love. It sickens me to know end that there are soulless, sick sadists out there who would intentionally hurt any animals. May they all burn.


God Bless You Always Kylie!! And I pray you get to stay where you are now in that wonderful home filled with love and so many friends!!!


what a beautiful cat, the eyes and face - just beautiful


emma is a very caring person, along w/rena and the person who discovered this poor little kitty. I hope she blossoms in her new home and does well in her new life. there are great people out there. really. it's the horrible people out there that need to be put down. maybe they'll all get together and leave the rest of us normal people and animals alone!


Looking at Kylie's photos made me sad and the story made me cry. oh God! I'm a guy but I really have a very soft spot on animals. Thank you Rena!!

rockey miller

I would gladly put a bullet into the skull of the animal that did this to this innocent creature, there is no reason on earth for this person to be walking, i hope this kitty meets someone who will show her love and affection and thanks to the aspca for their care and kindness.


She's the Niki Lauda of cats!


This poor baby. She looks so confused. I will hope she is adopted by an angel who will cherish her.


I am so grateful that you were there and found this poor little angel. Bless you for not walking away. You are a very special person, and it makes my heart glad you are in this world.