Slideshow: Cat Survives Severe Chemical Burns

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 - 3:30pm
Slideshow: Cat Survives Severe Chemical Burns

When ASPCA staffer Rena L. saw a veterinarian cradling a tiny animal in her arms, she wondered, “Is that a turkey? What’s a turkey doing at the ASPCA Adoption Center?”

Then she realized: The tiny animal was in fact a cat—one who had suffered severe chemical burns on her back, scalp and other parts of her body. Kylie’s ears were singed off, and she couldn’t walk or close her red and cloudy eyes.

“My heart was completely broken,” remembers Rena, ASPCA Adoption Center Department Coordinator. “Ever since that moment, I’d go visit her when I was done with my office work, for 30 minutes to an hour.”

Late last year, Kylie was found hiding behind some bushes, quietly suffering, when two dogs sniffed her out while out on a walk. The dogs’ pet parent took the first step toward saving Kylie’s life: He brought her to ASPCA Animal Hospital. But Kylie’s struggle was far from over, and our veterinary staff didn’t know if she’d pull through.

“It was really touch-and-go with Kylie because she’d lost so much skin,” recalls ASPCA veterinarian Dr. Patricia Wagner, who treated Kylie. “We didn’t know if she’d be able to blink, or walk, ever again.”

Kylie needed several surgeries, specialist care and extensive treatment for her injuries. She spent months at the ASPCA Animal Hospital, where everyone fell in love with Kylie and her sweet, patient personality. “Everyone knew who Kylie was,” says Dr. Wagner. “There were so many people here pulling for her. We didn’t want to fail.”

Then one day it was clear to our veterinarians that Kylie’s recovery had turned a corner—she was out of the woods. In fact, Kylie was ready to continue her recovery in a foster home. Rena’s was an obvious choice. Rena began fostering Kylie in February, eagerly taking on the medical regime her new foster kitty required: pain medicine, fish oil and eye drops, all twice a day on a rigid schedule. To protect Kylie’s burns and promote healing, Rena purchased her a T-shirt. When the shirt didn’t quite fit, Rena had it tailored.

Today, Kylie is an integral part of Rena’s family and fast friends with Lafaille cats Gizmo and Cleopatra, a Beagle called Maya, and Baby Jin, a four-and-a-half-pound Chihuahua who is her playmate and constant companion. Rena continues to work with Dr. Wagner on Kylie’s treatment, and they’re hopeful she won’t need medication one day.

“Kylie will never, ever give up no matter what,” Rena says. “It was her spirit that got her through this. She’s really an incredible cat.”

We can’t think of a better example of the animals our members’ support touches. If you haven’t lately, please consider making a gift to the ASPCA today. You’ll assist animals like Kylie—those already fortunate enough to be in our care, and those still waiting for our help.

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Cecilia R.

Oh, my goodness. She is such a beauty. Her condition brings out the beauty she possesses. And those big gorgeous eyes. Who wouldn't fall in love with her? But the person who did this to Kylie, is a cold and calculating coward and sadist, with a stone-cold black heart! He or she will have to pay for this evil one day. He or she has to remember that what comes around goes around.


You are a God send. So very happy to hear about Kylie's recovery.
I pray that God continues to step in an help these sweet innocent animals
As well as pray for more people to come to know that animals are a gift from God and shod be treated
As such.


I truly believe that we are judged by how we treat those with lesser abilities than we have ourselves. Someone did these terrible things to this precious little soul and that person will be judged when the time comes. Just as all of the folks that work so diligently at the ASPCA and the associated doctors and clinical staff that help save the lives of these animals. These wonderful people give their time and expertise towards the betterment of the lives of all of God's creatures. Bless you Rena for giving Kylie a loving home along with her canine and feline brothers and sisters.

Pam Donahue

The poor thing, she's so beautiful and though what was done to her was cruel, you can see how expressive her face is with all that fur gone. I don't know what's going to happen to her but I wish her luck. I just acquired a very rambunctious pit bull mix puppy and I'm afraid to get a cat. I know the cat would win.

silvia martinengo

Rena you are an angel.your pets are very lucky to have you in their lives.i have a dog,a cat,some water turtles,some fishes and an earth turtle named Kylie.i wish you all a lot of deserve it.i send you a big hug from Italy.


Rena, you are an angel on earth! I thank God for people like you every day!!


Rena, you are this little darling's angel!!! Thank you, to you and to ALL who tirelessly work to help innocent injured, abused, mistreated, and abandoned animals! Stories such as this, while absolutely heartbreaking and angering, really shows there are still good people! The world needs many more like you!!!


how is it that this little kittie is so beautiful despite all the suffering?


Good luck kylie, stay safe, and thanks to rena for everything you've done.


I couldn't help but cry. What a heartbreaking and ultimately, joyful story. God Bless Kylie and the rest of her family. Thank you ASPCA for all you do and I will continue to donate on a monthly basis.