Should You Get an Easter Bunny?

Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 1:00pm
grey and white rabbit

Domestic rabbits are delightful companion animals. They are inquisitive, intelligent, sociable and affectionate. But did you know that cute baby bunny you’re thinking of buying for your child on Easter may still be around long after your child has grown into a teen? Rabbits can live as long as small dogs. Should the novelty wear off, you’ll have an adult rabbit in the house that needs your care and attention every day.

Before you fill your Easter basket with a live bunny, check out our top tips for how to take care of a pet rabbit.

  • Rabbits are physically delicate and fragile, and require specialized veterinary care.
  • Where’s the only place for your rabbit’s cage? INDOORS! Rabbits can die of heart attacks from the very approach of a predator.
  • Rabbits can be trained to use a litter box.
  • The most important component of your rabbit’s diet is grass hay, such as timothy or brome.
  • The best place to get your bun? Adoption is your first, and best, option! There are many homeless companion rabbits at shelters and rescue groups all across the country.

Go to your local shelter or rescue group and find out how to adopt a rabbit (or even better, a bonded pair). For info on bunny care and rescue groups, head to the House Rabbit Society.

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I acquired a house bunny many years ago and I absolutely loved him to pieces. He litter box trained himself (I used corn cob litter). Never use pine needles as they are toxic. He would eat the clay litter. I learned how to care for him by asking a lot of questions. 4H kids in rabbit rearing can be of vital help, but the House Rabbit Society was essential. My rabbit lived to be approx 9 years old. He ate oat hay and fresh veggies daily. Give your bunny a salt lick and supplement vita pellets in his pellet meal. I believe they should be indoor pets. The reason I acquired my rabbit is that a malicious dog ripped into his cage and killed his companions...he got away and I saved him. Oddly, he and my dogs became great friends. One would think he would fear dogs but they truly loved each other. Remember though, a bunny on the loose in a house can do a lot of damage if not supervised. They are chewers by nature. These are not pets for everyone. Children must be supervised, rabbits kick as a natural defense and dropping a rabbit could be imminent death. I gave my BunBun a great life and he lived to be a ripe old age. I sure miss him! Thinking of him brings the biggest smile to my face!

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