She Spent Her Mother’s Day on a Puppy Mill

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 - 4:15pm

When the ASPCA arrived at a puppy mill in Holly Springs, Mississippi, we found 100 underweight dogs living in their own feces. The amount of neglect was shocking:  Skin disease, rotted teeth, malnutrition and infection were widespread.

One victim named Binah was dirty, skinny and unable to walk due to years spent in a tiny, overcrowded cage. She was a mother dog, forced to breed, with little regard for her health and well-being. When puppy mill moms like Binah can no longer produce, they are deemed worthless and discarded. Fortunately for Binah, the ASPCA arrived just in time—but in puppy mills across America, other dogs like her still need our help.

This Mother's Day, please remember puppy mill moms—together we can make a life-saving difference for them. Just look at how Binah is doing today!  

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