Shame on Aflac for Letting Duck Loose in NYC Subway

Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 1:15pm
Shame on Aflac for Letting Duck Loose in NYC Subway

We loathe giving Aflac any more media attention than they have already received, but we can’t keep our mouths shut about the recent PR stunt they pulled. If you haven’t yet heard, Aflac recently let a duck loose into a busy New York City subway station and began tweeting about it, ruffling our feathers in the process! The duck, representing their famed mascot, drew quite a bit of attention—but at what cost?

NYC subway stations are noisy, crowded, and let’s face it, pretty dirty places. The hazards that could have harmed our small feathered friend are too numerous to count. We’re appalled that Aflac would pull such a stunt.

Do you think this PR stunt went too far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Sheryl A.

Isn't bad enough they use a duck as their tv advertising slave?! Now they take a completely innocent animal and throw it into harms way! It's sickening that they use a duck as their advertising mascot when they treat ducks this way. They really don't care about ducks at all!

Margo Hamann


Dennie Hausen

This is so horrible. I know the poor duck must have been totally scared. Who is responsible for this? I would love to write a letter.

Linda Palma

The NY city subway can be a horrifying place for an adult, I can not even imagine what it was like for this poor duck!!


I will never buy their insurance. Animals are not to be used for profit.


What a disgusting company!

Stephen Spada-D...

The Bastards will never ever get any business from me period!!!


So, since we are on a VERY biased site. I'll keep this short. Did you ever stop to think that maybe AFLAC took all safety precautions necessary as not to have any harmful backlash? I'm sure they did as AFLAC is a very large entity. Just a thought.


Apparently, they did NOT, since the tranportation authority there knew nothing about it and they would have to clear it FIRST. And calling AFLAC yesterday got noting but a lot of phone transfers double talk and NO MENTION that the duck had a handler or any assurances of this having been planned carefully. AFLAC was caught with their pants down over a really DUMB stunt.

Don't assume that just because a company is large that they do the right thing. Most times, when they are large, they think they can get away with stuff.


HUMANS !!!!!!