Shame on Aflac for Letting Duck Loose in NYC Subway

Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 1:15pm
Shame on Aflac for Letting Duck Loose in NYC Subway

We loathe giving Aflac any more media attention than they have already received, but we can’t keep our mouths shut about the recent PR stunt they pulled. If you haven’t yet heard, Aflac recently let a duck loose into a busy New York City subway station and began tweeting about it, ruffling our feathers in the process! The duck, representing their famed mascot, drew quite a bit of attention—but at what cost?

NYC subway stations are noisy, crowded, and let’s face it, pretty dirty places. The hazards that could have harmed our small feathered friend are too numerous to count. We’re appalled that Aflac would pull such a stunt.

Do you think this PR stunt went too far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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laura New

the stress and utmost fear must have been awful for this baby! how about throwing them into a cage with tigers and lions and see how they feel

Cameron Flynt

I completely agree with you guys - this is way too far. Did they even care if the duck was hurt? Anyone who has been to the City knows that people are very tunnel-visioned when it comes to getting to where they need to be.... it could've easily been hurt because of that. Not to mention how traumatic that must have been. Tasteless, I'd say.

Laura MK

Well said, poor duck must have been petrified :0(

Montserrat Cerf

Shame on them. Are they completely crazy !!!


what happened to the duck?


Of course it was wrong and animal abuse, why weren't they arrested?


i hope they where


Yes it was wrong. Companies should not be allowed to use live animals in any ads, publicity stunts or commercials! Period. Why does this continue to be allowed?? I think if companies are reading this, they should know that MANY consumers will NOT have anything to do with these companies!! MYSELF included!!! Thumbs down to AFLAC!!


I never liked those ads anyway now i have a reason to hate them. they are annoying and ducks should poop all over their building in retaliation


:) perfect form of retailiation by the ducks