Shame on Aflac for Letting Duck Loose in NYC Subway

Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 1:15pm
Shame on Aflac for Letting Duck Loose in NYC Subway

We loathe giving Aflac any more media attention than they have already received, but we can’t keep our mouths shut about the recent PR stunt they pulled. If you haven’t yet heard, Aflac recently let a duck loose into a busy New York City subway station and began tweeting about it, ruffling our feathers in the process! The duck, representing their famed mascot, drew quite a bit of attention—but at what cost?

NYC subway stations are noisy, crowded, and let’s face it, pretty dirty places. The hazards that could have harmed our small feathered friend are too numerous to count. We’re appalled that Aflac would pull such a stunt.

Do you think this PR stunt went too far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Dose of Reality

Your hatred for another human life proves my point. I would never wish you dead despite your opposing view.


Go post your political garbage on your own website.

7 billion people in the world, clogging the planet and pushing every other life form off. Starvation? I repeat - 7 BILLION PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. Most of whom are poor, live in filth and cannot or do not make the world better in any way. Can't even make their own lives better. And yet they keep having more and more.

And by the way, YOU are a PERFECT argument for why there should ALWAYS be abortion available.

Sorry - I'm for the animals - EVERY TIME. Thanks to morons like you.

Dose of Reality

I won't go as far as saying you are the exception to my stance on abortion, but your pops probably should have wrapped it up! And your skewed view on humanity, placing animals on a pedestal over humankind, reveals how idiotic you really are- I would would argue further, but you probably wouldn't understand logic.

Calm Yourself

If this is a debate, no name-calling, please. Just because you have a different, maybe COMPLETELY different view from the other person, that's not a legitimate reason to call someone a moron or say they are a reason that abortion should be available. It's called being objective. Ever heard of it?

Dose of Reality

You are right, I take back my name calling.


Why don't you take your Catholic child raping, idol worshipping views to your local priest and STFU. This is an animal abuse site, not a I wish I had the real Jesus in my life website. You heinous Idol worshipper. Silly woman laden with sin.

Dose of Reality

Um, what did you even just say? Not even looking at the substance of most of the posts on this site, but purely the lack of punctuation- the lack of ability to formulate a valid argument- reveals how idiotic the majority of you are.


I agree that children should not be murdered, but WHY CAN'T WE SAVE BOTH? God told us to take care of our live stock. I think God would approve of us caring for his animal creation as well as his human. WE CAN DO BOTH WHICH IS WHY THERE IS A WEBSITE AND PLACE FOR EACH CATEGORY. It's okay to get people to stop killing babies. IT'S NOT OKAY to judge people because they love animals too. Doesn't mean they (ME and others like me) don't love ALL OF GOD'S CREATIONS.

Dose of Reality

I didn't bring up God, but since you did- God clearly says that humans are superior to animals (Gen. 1:26-28; Psalm 8:4-8) and humans are more valuable to God than animals (Matt. 10:29-31; 12:11,12; 6:26; 15:26). Humans are more intelligent than animals (Job 35:10,11; Psalms 73:22; Hosea 7:11; Psalms 32:9) and humans were made in the image of God (Gen. 1:26-28; 5:1; 9:2-6; James 3:9) which is not said of animals. There are many other verses and areas I could mention, but the most important proof of all is that Jesus died to save mankind - human beings, not animals (Titus 2:11,12; 3:3-7; 1 Timothy 2:4-6; Isaiah 53:5,8; Romans 5:6-9,12,18,19). I'm not saying that we shouldn't take care of animals, but they should be remotely close to our main priority. And with all the issues humankind is suffering through right now, the last of our worries should be a duck in a subway.


Thank you very much!