Shame on Aflac for Letting Duck Loose in NYC Subway

Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 1:15pm
Shame on Aflac for Letting Duck Loose in NYC Subway

We loathe giving Aflac any more media attention than they have already received, but we can’t keep our mouths shut about the recent PR stunt they pulled. If you haven’t yet heard, Aflac recently let a duck loose into a busy New York City subway station and began tweeting about it, ruffling our feathers in the process! The duck, representing their famed mascot, drew quite a bit of attention—but at what cost?

NYC subway stations are noisy, crowded, and let’s face it, pretty dirty places. The hazards that could have harmed our small feathered friend are too numerous to count. We’re appalled that Aflac would pull such a stunt.

Do you think this PR stunt went too far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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That is horrible and abusive! Poor thing. That crossed the line for a PR stunt



Patrick S

Fuck AFLAC. I will never use them now. They can eat duck shit.


I'll start caring about a duck in a dirty subway station when ducks stop shitting all over every patch of grass in sight and being aggressive, noisy douchebags. And the rats in the subway seem to like living there, so why wouldn't a duck? Also, he looks delicious.


And I'll start caring about idiots like you when you demonstrate some compassion for other life on this planet. Selfish moronic bastard.

Paul Roe

idiots, cruel idiots


It was sad and disgusting and they obviously didn't give a rats about how scared and confused the poor duck would find that. Nothing cute about that dumb stunt.

Caroline Grova

Absolutely ridiculous. I generally get a kick out of their commercials, but this was stupid and caused the animal unnecessary stress. I own ducks and geese and would want to take a tire iron to any idiot who thought it would be "funny" to put them in such a stressful situation as a joke.

Lynn Frattasio

To scare the sweet duck & put him/her in harms way for a commercial is unacceptable. Go get em ASPCA


I will never buy Aflac insurance! This is blatantly negligent animal cruelty. It saddens me that people are so stupid and still so ignorant about animal abuse.