Senate Passes Farm Bill; Makes Attending an Animal Fight a Federal Crime

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - 3:15pm
Cute puppies being held - Photo: Mike Bizelli/ASPCA

The U.S. Senate has just passed the Farm Bill, a huge piece of federal legislation that is renewed every five years. While many parts of the Farm Bill time out after five years, other included provisions are enrolled into U.S. law permanently—and this year, that includes a new measure that is going to be a game-changer in our efforts to end animal fighting.

Congress added crucial elements of the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act into the Farm Bill, making it a federal offense to knowingly attend an organized animal fight and imposing additional penalties for bringing a child to animal fights. Violators face up to one year in prison for attending a fight and up to three years in prison for bringing a child to a fight.

The House- and Senate-passed Farm Bill excludes the dangerous King Amendment.

The Farm Bill will now be transmitted to President Obama, who has indicated that he will sign it quickly.

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Hell no, get out


This is great its true these people deserve to be punished severely, they need real jail time personally I would kill them all they dont deserve to live. Anyone who promotes or watches dog fighting is cruel and inhuman, totally heartless and does not deserve to live.

Laura Seeley

Heidi, I couldn't have said it better.


I agree, all human life is not sacred. Some act worse than the animals!

Scott T

I will help you with any you find….. we do NOT need their DNA in the human pool.


I agree with you 100% Heidi

ronald messina

Heidi I completely agree with u......they are not people, they are monsters in human form....I would hate to kill anyone but these monsters are out of control, at the least they should be put in chains and forced to work cleaning up after animals in zoos or Francis of Assisi loved animals...these monsters are as far from him as one can get




Finally!! I am amazed it took so long!!!
I wish they would get more time behind bars!


They still haven't catched me!!!
OH and btw get a life,, I need some help
I have a husky ready to fight, wanna join me?