Saving Horses in Spokane

Thursday, December 5, 2013 - 12:45pm
ASPCA President & CEO Matthew Bershadker on location at a dog fighting bust earlier this year

ASPCA President & CEO Matthew Bershadker (right) on location at a dog fighting bust earlier this year.

By ASPCA President and CEO Matt Bershadker

The holidays are a big distraction this time of year, but all the more reason to keep our eyes on the ball – and in this case, on neglected horses in need.

As you may know, in November, our Field Investigations and Response (FIR) Team traveled to Spokane, Washington, to assist Spokane County Regional Animal Protective Services (SCRAPS) with the sheltering and daily care of 63 horses seized as part of an animal cruelty investigation.

So while many of us were celebrating Thanksgiving, the FIR team was on the ground helping to provide continuing care for these severely neglected animals (among many ASPCA staffers on the job that day). Sixty-two of the horses are responding well to treatment and are in recovery, while one, sadly, did not survive.

The negligent owner is still missing; a hearing to determine custody of the horses will be held on December 16.  But our priority continues to be the health and welfare of these animals. We can’t undo their suffering, but with your support we can show them care and love, and put them on a brighter path.

Rescuing this many large animals is, of course, no easy task. So my big thanks go to SCRAPS, to the ASPCA field teams who put these horses before their own holidays, and to you as well for making such important work possible. 

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Thank you to SCRAPS and to the ASPCA for their hard and diligent work in helping to rescue and treat these unfortunate animals. I hope the former owner of these horses is prosecuted for animal abuse.


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