San Diego Says NO to Pet Store Puppies!

Friday, July 19, 2013 - 2:45pm
White dog wearing blue collar looking out of crate

Way to go, San Diego! On July 9, the City Council voted to ban the retail sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores. Effective 30 days from the vote—so, in early August—retailers may no longer source animals from commercial breeders (many of which are puppy mills). They are allowed to offer in-store adoptions of humanely sourced animals, such as those from shelters, which the ASPCA, of course, fully supports.

The new rule makes San Diego the second-largest city in California, behind Los Angeles, to ban retail sales of commercially bred animals—and you might be surprised to learn that a total of 32 cities in North America (including Austin, Albuquerque and Toronto) have similar ordinances in place!

At the ASPCA, we’re working from many angles to end puppy mill suffering. Encouraging stores to offer pet adoptions, rather than selling pets bred in questionable, often inhumane conditions, is one of our very top priorities. Please visit No Pet Store Puppies to learn more and to get involved.

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Cudos to San Diego...I wish all cities would follow this lead!


I wish for that also. Maybe it will stop a lot of killing in the Shelters

sharon weinapple

are these animals going to be adopted out or euthanized? Please tell me adopted out or fostered via no-kill shelters.....?

Lorraine Robins

I know, I'm concerned about that, too. I sure they are adopted out and fostered.

Pac NW

This is EXCELLENT news! If puppy mills lose their market, they will have no reason to carry on their dispicable, deplorable breeding practices. Note to Lorraine and Sharon: I'm not sure which animals you're concerned about: The stores cannot source any new animals from commercial breeders, but the regulation does not affect the animals currently 'in stock'. As to the pitiful animals in the puppy mills, every effort is made to rescue the 'breeding stock' when a mill closes. I do hope you put your concern into action by volunteering to foster and by financially supporting a rescue organization.

Sue Bird

Yesssss! San Diego!!!! I wish every county in every state would pass this law! Put puppy mills out of business!!!!!

Sue Lee

As animal and pet abuse and neglect is on the rise, please sign and share this petition I have created as we take a stand for these defenseless animals - find the petition at - - sign and share with everyone you know and on your social networks. We have got to stop this abuse of poor innocent creatures.


Amazing but sad this isn't federal law.