Ruby and Hummus: Furry Friends Forever

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 1:30pm
brown dog and orange cat hanging out on a couch

Ali and Ricky are two-time adopters from the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan. After bringing home a snuggly pup named Ruby, they decided she needed a furry companion. That’s when they met a cat named Hummus, and their family of three became four. Ali shared the following story with us:

We decided to adopt Ruby three years ago because we wanted a dog to complete our family. I was adamant about rescuing a pup in need, so my first choice was the ASPCA! We visited the Adoption Center and looked at all of the dogs There was something about Ruby that was special—and we kept coming back to her over and over again. Within five minutes of playing with her, I was sold. It was an instant connection.

We had to wait until the next day to come pick her up, and that was the longest night ever! We loved her already and couldn't wait to get her home. Since then, Ruby has done nothing but snuggle with us, love us, and pretend she's a two-pound lap dog. She is everything we ever wanted and more! 

A few weeks ago we decided it would be awesome to have another little addition. We decided that she might like a buddy in the form of a cat, as she is very gentle with them. I went to the ASPCA once more because my experience with Ruby was so awesome. We soon found Hummus, and it didn't take long to realize this little guy was going to be a great fit in our home! 

We were afraid that Ruby might be a little too hyper for Hummus as she can be a real lover at times, but it took only a day or two for her to adjust and begin to love him as one of her own. Sometimes we find them snuggling together, or find Ruby grooming Hummus like one of her pups! They love each other, and Ruby has definitely stepped up to the plate as an awesome big sister.

Ruby is a dream come true and Hummus is such a wonderful new addition to our family. He quickly found his way into our hearts. We are so thankful to the ASPCA for bringing these two amazing animals into our home and family. They see us through tears, joy, and everything in between! Words will never be able to say how much they give us.

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Dog and cat friends sitting on couch


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I loved the sweet story about Ruby and Hummus. I even shed a couple of tears of joy for their happiness and companionship.


We have 3 cats & 2 dogs who get along quite well together. They weren't all brought together as babies: Baby, our oldest cat is 17 1/2 years old. He fell out from under a car bumper, & my son chased him through the neighborhood & up a pin tree shirtless. Baby had disappeared for 3 wks, so we went to the dog pound and found Patches, age 12, who was due to be put down. Lilbit is 8 & came to us injured by people doing drugs: Tail broken in 4 places, injured spine & cut whiskers to name a few. Muffy, our 3 year old Border Collie mix came to us after being dumped in a raging blizzard in 2010. She had been abused & was afraid of everything, especially looking me in the eye. She is my Spirit mate, going everywhere from Rendezvous to Nursing Homes, she does tricks & gives smiles & love, afraid of no one. Then, Peanut came to us from my best friend, the only one of our crowd who isn't a rescue. She weighs less than 3 lbs., a chihuahua with all the attitude of a pit. Gotta love them all; they are indeed gifts to my life.


this is so wonderful how much love you give your Animals and I know they love you just as much

Andy Whiteman

I remember when I was a kid we got a Siamese kitten, Charlie Chan. When they first met, Charlie hissed and scratched at Shag, the dog. Shag backed off and left Charlie alone. Finally one day Charlie bonded with Shag. They even slept together sometimes!

Lucy Silver

A beautiful story!


Beautiful story. All 3 of my wonderful cats are rescued. We love them so much. What amazing love and companionship they bring. I believe to make adoption your first and only option.


Thanks for a great story and picture.




What a wonderful story. Wish more people can do the same and give this animals a loving home they deserve. :-)


What a wonderful story. Wish more people can do the same and give this animals a loving home they deserve. :-)