From the Rubble—One Cat’s Journey Home

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 - 2:30pm

Every single day people arrive to view the hundreds of rescued and displaced animals being cared for at the ASPCA Emergency Shelter in Joplin, Missouri. For nearly 400 families—many of whom lost everything in the May 22 tornado—those visits have led to heartfelt reunions. But for others, it takes hope and a little patience.

With animals being rescued each day, many families return regularly in hopes of finding their beloved pets. One such family was the Freys. The Freys suffered broken bones and bruised spirits, but survived the tornado that demolished their home. But as the dust settled, their cat, Baby Girl, was nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, ASPCA responders began a program to rescue animals in the tornado zone at night. A few nights in, our team found a large calico cat with a sweet face. The next afternoon, as usual, the Freys visited the shelter.

“I saw her and it was instant—I knew it was her,” says Mrs. Frey.

Baby Girl is going home just as the Freys move into their new house. “We’re just so happy to have her back," Mrs. Frey tells. "Without you guys, we would not have known where to even start looking for her—thank you for taking care of our baby."

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