Road Trip to Save Lives: Former Dog Fighting Dogs Transported One Step Closer to Loving Homes

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 3:00pm
Close up of a former dog fighting victim

It’s been nearly a year since we rescued nearly 400 dogs from a multi-state dog fighting ring spanning Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Texas. Many of the dogs were emaciated, with scars and wounds consistent with dog fighting. Since then, we’ve provided these dogs with the medical care and behavioral enrichment they so desperately needed in order to recover. Now it’s time for six of these dogs to move one step closer to finding loving homes: Valentino, Nightwing, Mabel, Iso, Fitz and Wickham. We’re embarking on a week-long transport to deliver these dogs to partner shelters in four states in the Midwest. Starting today in Virginia, the ASPCA team will make its way across the country to the following shelters:

Humane Society of Tulsa of Tulsa, Oklahoma
Great Plains SPCA of Merriam, Kansas
Capital Humane Society of Lincoln, Nebraska
Longmont Humane Society of Longmont, Colorado

Once delivered to these receiving shelters, all six dogs will be made available for adoption. We’re so excited that these dogs will have the chance to begin new lives as beloved pets. Stay tuned for more news to come as the ASPCA team continues on the ultimate summer road trip to save animals’ lives. In addition to the ASPCA Blog, you can check out our Instagram account and follow the hashtag #FreedomDogs for photos and updates from the road.

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