Rhode Island Stands Up for Farm Animals!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 - 4:15pm

Thumbs up to Rhode Island for enacting two critical measures to protect farm animals. The new laws ban the intensive confinement of veal calves and female breeding pigs and prohibit the inhumane tail-docking of cows.

"These two new measures are a significant step toward improving the lives of farm animals in Rhode Island, who all too often endure lives of agony and frustration on factory farms," says Suzanne McMillan, ASPCA Director of Farm Animal Welfare. "All animals, including those raised for food, deserve to be treated humanely."

S.2191/H.7180 prohibits two of the most horrible factory farming abuses: veal crates for calves and gestation crates for female breeding pigs. Veal calves and female breeding pigs on factory farms are often confined in crates so tiny that they are unable to lie down, stand up or turn around freely. Eight other states have already passed similar humane legislation, and 16 Rhode Island farms came forward in support of the state ban.

S.2192 prohibits the inhumane practice of "tail-docking" cows. This process involves the partial amputation—typically without pain killers—of up to two-thirds of a cow's tail. Despite claims from some in the dairy industry that tail docking is needed to help ensure cow cleanliness and udder health, the scientific evidence shows that tail docking creates no benefit to the cow or quality of milk produced. Instead, the practice causes cows pain and distress and often results in increased fly attacks. The American Veterinary Medical Association, theNational Milk Producers Federation, and numerous dairy industry representatives are highly critical of the practice and oppose routine tail docking of dairy cows.

"We thank Governor Chafee for protecting Rhode Island's animals from some of the worst factory farm abuses," says Debora Bresch, Esq., ASPCA Senior Director of Government Relations for the Eastern Region.

To help us fight for the passage of humane legislation in your state, please join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade.  

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Great job rhode island. Ban crates and take care of veal and pig crates!

Robin Stephens

I would like to thank them for that. They need to know that it is appreciated.


It is about time there is a law to help those farm animals. No farm animal should be caged up like that. It is wrong. Those animals deserve better living condations. They do not need to live like that. Those animals need room to move around in. Caged up like that is horrible. Thank you for making it the law. Way to go and keep up the great work.


This entry has to do with the abuses done to cattle, pigs, etc., at some large farms in the US. Abuses such as using shock prods on cattle that cant even stand because of prior ongoing-abuse! Has anyone ever considered looking into workers, that seem to ENJOY inflicting pain on animals, at these 'factory farms'. It is known that most (if not all) serial killers have been known to treat animals in vicious ways; finding pleasure/excitement in their inhumane actions. Doing things to animals that no NORMAL human would EVER think to do. Killing an animal for food, is one thing. Torturing it beforehand, even to its death, is another. Such men are SICK!! What would they do to another human, if, in their mind, they deserve it/think of them as no more than an animal. What HAVE some of them done?!!!! 
I think there should be a legal, pre-authorized search-warrant-style, government agency set up to access farms on how animals are treated. Even if done by volunteers, at no expense to taxpayers, that are escorted by law enforcement; three or so farms per week, on a Sheriff's Dept. time, would not be a hardship.These should be random/unannounced-checks, done STRICTLY for findings of abuse; with the ENTIRETY of the farm allowed in the search. And ALL workers, found on farms where abuses are discovered, should be placed in a registry. Their DNA put on file, and checked against the DNA in the national DNA database. I would almost bet that some, so far, unrevealed criminals (of rape, murder, etc.) would be found!

Almost people like to write what he said,But I like to listen what they said,Your post is very good.Thanks!

Maria Rally

I've been suffering over the veal crates since I was a child and over the pig gestation crates since I learned about them a few years ago via a horrific undercover video taken at a Smithfield Foods facility. How extraordinary it would be to see these torture chambers relegated to "the ash heap of history" in our lifetime. Thank you Rhode Island!

Robyn Brewton

Farm animals are really an important part in the farmers life. So this was an imoprtent article about a really an intersting topic.

It seems to be a nice move by Rhode islands. It is the proof that humanity still persist. Thanks for sharing this informative post.