Reward Offered in Horrific Killing of 25 Cats in Yonkers

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 10:30am
Reward Offered in Horrific Killing of 25 Cats in Yonkers

The ASPCA is contributing $5,000 toward a reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in a gruesome cat killing case that stunned New York’s Westchester County last week. On April 24, dozens of deceased cats in various states of decomposition were discovered in black plastic bags hanging from a tree in the community of Yonkers.

The ASPCA’s reward is in addition to $13,250 being offered by the SPCA of Westchester, the lead agency on the case. Shannon Laukhuf, executive director of the SPCA of Westchester, announced the reward on Tuesday. Other organizations contributing to the reward include the Humane Society of the United States, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the Defense of Animals Fund, and Alley Cat Allies.

“This is a truly disturbing case of animal cruelty,” says Stacy Wolf, Senior Vice President of the ASPCA’s Anti-Cruelty Group. “While our ultimate hope is that these types of heinous acts never occur, this is a message that cruelty toward animals will not be tolerated in our society. We thank the SPCA of Westchester for its commitment to finding justice for these innocent cats.” 

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call the SPCA of Westchester’s confidential hotline at (914) 941-7797.

Please be vigilant in your community and report suspected animal abuse. Visit our Fight Cruelty section to learn which agencies are responsible for investigating and enforcing anti-cruelty laws in your area. 

Photo courtesy of: SPCA of Westchester

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Mai Nakaharu

Yet I still see very few, standing up for the elderly being abused in facilities. But they're gonna die anyway... right? Sooooo not your concern then? If not... pathetic. Id certainly not want any one person or their pet/s on this forum to be abused irl. Although judging by what I am reading from others, I find it amazing most of you morons even know how to use a computer in the first place. But just because you are stupid, doesn't mean you all deserve torture. Thats what Hitler would have wanted. Sorry no nazis here.


Mike let us not forget the fact that people that torture/murder animals then move on to people.


you are so far off in your assessment.....there is no down playing of animal abuse in the comment because of the mention of human horrors......only that the whole world is in trouble....the man is a friend to the aspca, as well as the human race

Mai Nakaharu

Indeed, But they aren't smart enough to not need someone to spell it out for them. They see "OH A DIFFERENT POLITICAL ISSUE and a MAN!!!!!" and it's like all the stupid woman get in a big pile, "WE ARE WOMAN WITH VAGINAS AND DONT TELL US WHAT TO DO!" And its embarrassing because now normal woman have to be a part of this standard. No one WAS comparing the abuse. You and I got that down. But stupid people WILL take offense. This country's people are very sensitive in their beliefs. Its called being weak, when you get emotional about a persons differing on whatever it is, when it wasn't meant to harm you, means you're a weak person, and people like this have a lot of work to do on themselves. But they usually try and justify WHY they are crappy with excuses. I get so tired of it honestly.


So right. The sad part is that humans speak our language and have many heroes coming to their defense while animals must rely on humans to speak for them. I wish we lived in a world where mistreating or abusing ANY living being is considered unacceptable.


Excellant comment. Thumbs up to you.


Ignorant ass!


Yes he is Jen, a big fat one at that!!


Piece of shit for a human being whoever did this. Hunt him down, skin him to within an inch of his life, put him in plastic and hang him by the tree. Still too good for him but is some payback. How horrible.