Reunited! Sandy Pets Go Home

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 4:15pm
Sandy pet reunited

We were thrilled to take part in 129 happy reunions last Saturday as families displaced by Hurricane Sandy came to pick up their pets from our Emergency Boarding Facility (EBF) in Brooklyn. The boarding facility has been open since November, and the effort is now coming to a close. We put out calls for pet parents to come and take their pets home. 

The Goldstein family of South Freeport, Long Island, traveled to Brooklyn on Saturday to pick up their 3-year-old beagle, Captain Morgan, who had been under our care at the Emergency Boarding Facility for seven weeks. Captain Morgan’s furry friend, Skylar, the Goldstein’s cat, waited for Captain Morgan in the car so they could all go home together.

Jordyn Clarke of Rockaway Beach was reunited with her cat, Kary, a tortoiseshell mix, and Midnight, a pit bull mix, on Saturday. Jordyn’s bungalow on the beach was destroyed, and she has found new housing in Brooklyn. Midnight is being fostered for a few days by a friend until Jordyn is settled in. Midnight’s third birthday is next week, and it will be especially nice for her to be at home.

Thomas Young of Far Rockaway and his son picked up their remaining two dogs at the EBF on Saturday.  They had already brought home their Shih Tzu, Prince, who, upon returning home, “went right into his kennel!” Brindle, a pit bull mix, and Venom, a mastiff, were thrilled to see each other and tumbled into the car with Young’s son. “These are our kids,” says Young, whose family is staying in a hotel and working to rebuild their home.  

Sandy pet reuinited

Cuddles, a young female tabby, was reunited with Shondelle Dodson, who was displaced from her home in Canarsie after Hurricane Sandy. She adopted Cuddles from the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan in 2012.

Check out our Facebook photo album for more adorable reunion pics!

If you or someone you know is missing a pet post-Sandy, please urge them to visit the ASPCA emergency boarding facility at 1508 Herkimer St. in Brooklyn as soon as possible. Pet parents who wish to reclaim their pets from the boarding facility should call the Hurricane Sandy Pet Hotline at (347) 573-1561.

Photos: [top] Midnight and Jordyn Clarke reunited at the EBF on January 5. [bottom] Shondelle Dodson and Cuddles together again in Brooklyn, NY.

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Please remember that there are people willing to foster these pets (myself included) until the families can take them home. I have left my phone number with you folks. Keep up the good work.

Tammy ward

You guys are awesome,thank you for being these animals guardian angels and keeping them safe to get them back home,kudos to you all and God bless you.

Barbara Baay

A warning if your dog is a "food hound": I lost my 8 year old beagle, Betsy, last Saturday to pancreatitis. I controlled her feeding, so she was a good weight. But she found a tin of butter cookies that I had not put away, ate the whole container. Within a week, she lost appetite and was in the praying position when I got home Friday night. I scooped her up and took her to the vet. After 24 hours on IVs, antibiotics, she passed away at the vet's office. The doctor said her body temp had been brought back up, but by then the excess enzymes released by the pancreas was causing internal bleeding. It hurt for her to breathe. The amount of fat in the entire container of cookies caused the acute damage to the pancreas. "Food indiscretion" is the most common cause of acute pancreatitis. Survival for either animals or humans is 50% at best. I will surely miss my cuddly little beagle. My Pekingese missed her for about a day, but we are getting on better.

sharylla jackson

There was an article I read somewhere on line about hundreds to dogs from sandy in nyc acc & other shelters. we all know they are kill shelters. Heck there article about the Rhodesian ridgeback that was saved at the last minute thanks to FB urgent part 2 page. By his owner. I to am surprised it is closing so quickly. RIP the babies that will die after going thru such an ordeal & loosing there owners.

Mary Manupella

For all you do for the animals and their owners.

Nancy Wilchenski

Thank God for people like these who devote their time and lives to helping and saving these poor animals! It hurts me to see the fear and despair in the animals' eyes! I can't handle it! It hurts my heart!


Thank you for all you do for animals , I wish all SPCA were no kill shelter I feel there are ways of helping them without killing them. I feel the same about the commercials for the SPCA it breaks my heart so bad I leave the room I can't watch it , several years ago I was up late and the commercial was on I cried so hard I went on line and put 40 a month on my credit card it lasted up until 2 years ago things became to tight financially but I belong to other human society's no kill shelters and try helPing in other ways , rescue is a hard thing to do and see so I say thank you to all who give there time for the animals we are there voice and we will be heard.

Suzanne DeVita

I volunteered last week and know there are still pets that need fostering, so if you need me please let me know. Did the puppy Sandy get a caregiver?

Tami Farley

Yes, I just wanted to say what a great and outstanding job you all have accomplished for all these families in need. I am so proud that you make it your high priority to look and provide for all these animals in need. Thanks again and keep up the great work. I wish I could do more other than donate every month, but I know that it atleast helps alittle. Tami Farley Sugarhill, GA


I live no where near where the devistation took place but felt I had to thank those who helped save the pets of the families who were displaced because of Sandy. I also want to thank those families who love their pets so much that they took the time to make sure they came home and that they had good care while you worked hard to get them. And thank you to any person who loves an animal and knows that they are not ours to eat, wear, hurt, exploit, and kill. We are to love all creatures, two legs or four!