The Results Are in! Congratulating the Winners of the 2013 $100K Challenge

Monday, September 30, 2013 - 3:00pm
The Animal Foundation of Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s finally time—after three months of spirited competition, we are excited to announce the results of the 2013 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge. Division 5 champion The Animal Foundation of Las Vegas, Nevada will take home the $100,000 grand prize in grant funding from the ASPCA. The organization accomplished an increase of 1,055 animals’ lives saved over the same period during 2012. Congratulations!  

The following division leaders will each receive $25,000 in ASPCA grant funding:

Division 1: Washington Animal Rescue League of Washington, D.C., with an increase of 326 lives saved over the prior year

Division 2: Texas Humane Heroes of Leander, Texas with an increase of 389 lives saved over the prior year

Division 3: HALO Animal Rescue of Phoenix, Arizona with an increase of 824 lives saved over the prior year

Division 4: Citizens for Animal Protection of Houston, Texas with an increase of 625 lives saved over the prior year

All told, the 49 Challenge contestants saved 56,379 animals’ lives over the course of the exciting three-month challenge—a combined increase of 12,050 lives saved compared to the same period during 2012. We are truly impressed by the dedication, hard work and creativity these shelters employed in order to find loving homes for thousands of animals in need. Congratulations to our Challenge winners, and to all those who participated. You deserve a round of applause!

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Lori, I so agree. Only NO KILL shelters should be allowed to participate. Good point.

Irmgard Martino

Only no kill shelters should be recognized and honored for their work. They have the welfare of the animals at heart and also making sure they are placed in a good home.
Charging $10.00 just to get rid of the animals will save them the cost of killing and disposing of them. They buyer has wide choice what to do with these poor cats or dogs. Cats may be killed and skinned for their furs. Dogs could be placed in shooting ranges, dog fighting rings or tortured just for fun. $10.00 is not much for a cheap enough for that.


Diane, That is horrible, it sounds that their main concern by basically giving animals away was the end prize; money. I hope the ASPCA hears you loud and clear!

Lori, I think you are so right! Please hear her ASPCA!


Yes, I was holding my breath to see if a popular upscale organization from South Florida was going to be on their list. They give the appearance of rescue, but also enable repeat hoarders who "board" animals of the elderly in horrendous conditions for cash, including helping them evade law enforcement. Unless you've lived in the area with some of these "rescue" org, it's difficult to know the real truth.


Hi, I am looking to adopt right now, here in South Florida. What organization are you referring to, so I can avoid it? I want to adopt from an organization that truly helps animals. Thanks.
Congrats to all the winners! The dogs and cats are truly the winners in this case, so way to go!!!

Meg Hall

You are absolutely correct. Kudos to you for bringing this to everyone's attention.


Diane, Thanks so much to you and other caring citizens looking out for animals. The Animal Foundation saved 1,055 more lives this summer than last summer. While we all acknowledge they still have a long way to go, the $100K Challenge was designed to help and support shelters in making dramatic steps in the right direction. Of the 49 competing shelters, The Animal Foundation achieved the biggest increase in lives saved.

It may be helpful to know that the ASPCA has conducted research on fee waived adoptions. We discovered that people who don’t have to pay an adoption fee are every bit as bonded to their new 4-legged family member as those who pay a fee. Bear in mind, while the fee may be waived (or in the case of TAF reduced) the adoption criteria and counseling process is not waived. Our research also shows that such promotions dramatically increase adoptions. We have followed the return rates at Challenge shelters and learned that in nearly all cases return rates have actually gone down or remained consistent.

Sadly there are still tens of thousands of animals at risk of not finding homes every day. We’re working hard to help shelters and rescues save more lives.


Absolutely right. The ASPCA is here to support those shelters become better! I am appalled by the negativity on this board. Just because many shelters don't currently have the resources and know-how to go NO KILL does not mean that they don't have compassion. It also does not mean that they want to improve! I worked at a kill shelter and I have worked at a no kill shelter and I have had just as much compassion while working at each. The big difference was resourcefulness, community support and MONEY! This is a problem we are only going to solve by supporting each other. Lets stop attacking kill shelters and ask what we can do to help them! I

Pam Rymanowicz

Very Valid Point. In Mi there is the Oceana County Animal Control who also won an award but had over 100 animals that became "missing" no record of where they went, we assume to labs or outsourced to other venues, but their records show them coming in but not going out. That did not count to their award either. The goals should be to save animals but the recordkeeping should also consider those missing (without paperwork & put down) Many areas have larger populations of animals. So the put downs and the lives saved should be considered.

SlobberBone Dog...

Sorry, but I'm going to have to disagree here, Animal Foundation has made HUGE improvements over the last several years. They are up against it here in "Fabulous" Las Vegas, a city with a population of 1.8 million that takes in the same number of unwanted pets that LA County with a population of 10 million and six shelters does. Considering they take in 100 to 200 animals a DAY, they are doing a remarkable job against horrific odds. Kudos to AF and the ASPCA for the $100K Challenge...