Referral from NYPD Leads to ASPCA Rescue of Nine Kittens from Hoarding Situation

Friday, January 17, 2014 - 3:30pm
Eight kittens sitting on rug

Though it’s only been a few months since the ASPCA kicked off its groundbreaking partnership with the NYPD, we are already seeing some amazing results. First, there was the case of Hall and Oates, followed by the story of Hank. Now, officers and advocates have teamed up again to rescue nine cats from a hoarding situation in the Bronx.

It started when a patrol sergeant from the 40th precinct received a routine call about a lot of cats. Upon arrival at the scene, the sergeant found a lawful but unhealthy situation. Fifteen cats were living in one apartment, nine of whom were kittens, and their owner was clearly overwhelmed. Thanks to our new partnership, the officer was able to refer the case to the ASPCA Cruelty Intervention Advocacy (CIA) team for immediate assistance.

Now, these nine sweet kittens, all named after famous athletes, are in our Adoption Center comfortably awaiting their new forever homes. The CIA team is working with the pet owner to continue reducing the population, provide spay/neuter for the remaining cats and link her to social services for her own needs. They will continue to work with her as long as she needs assistance

If you are interested in adopting one of these kittens, please visit the ASPCA Adoption Center. Because there’s only one thing we like better than a happy ending: nine of them. 

Kittens from ASPCA hoarding case

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