The REAL Scary Truth about Black Cats

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 11:15am

Have you heard the myth that black cats are unsafe in October, in part because witches may try to adopt them for rituals? We sure have. But guess what? Top ASPCA experts agree that it’s just not true.

Unfortunately, the truth is kinda scary, too: Year-round, black cats are the least likely to get adopted in shelters across the U.S. In fact, black animals in general take more time to find homes, says Gail Buchwald, Senior Vice President of the Adoption Center.

At the ASPCA, we LOVE black kitties. (Some of our friendliest cats, like Marissa, are black—yet Marissa has waited more than nine months to find a family. What’s up with that?)

Aside from the most important reason to adopt black kitties—that they really need extra help finding homes—here are a few reasons to take home one or two:

  • Their fur won’t show on your little black dress.
  • You can tell your kids you adopted a mini panther.
  • Black cats go with everything.
  • In most cultures, black cats are a sign of good luck.
  • You already know black cats are awesome—you have one at home! If you’ve got a great black kitty, tell us about him or her in the comments. You just might persuade someone else to give these felines a little extra attention.




My black kitty Buddy is the love of my life. He is so handsome, chubby, and everyone just adores him. He's by far the most unique cat that I've ever had and I have had many. He gets along with my other three cats (even a kitten) and spends his day following me around, snoring, and eating. I just love him so much and can't imagine why anyone would be hesitant of a black cat. They are definitely missing out.

deloise peters

My kitty child Zen is just that a sweet loving mild tempered black kitten she is maine coon they call her coloring smoke because she has smokey tips on the ends of her hair but besides her beauty she is one of the sweetest kittens we have ever owned I have always owned black cats and think they are great


I have had several black cats in my life, all of them very special. Our current black cat, Julian, is one of the sweetest and friendliest cats you'll ever meet. Black cats tend to be laid back, intelligent, and super friendly. Julian is all of these. My mother-in-law ONLY adopts black cats! That's how crazy she is about these wonderful kitties.


My boyfriend and I just bought our first house and our first action after getting settled in was to go to the shelter and adopt some kittens. I started looking at shelter pets online and fell in love with the story of a little black kitten named Geezer. he had little sporadic white hairs that popped out making him look just like an old man and I couldn't resist. By the time I inquired about Geezer, he had been adopted but the foster parent informed me that his little brother, Gizmo looked just like him and was waiting to find a home. I said yes immediately! And when I went to the shelter, I knew I had to adopt a friend for Gizmo. I went to the back room with my nieces and mom to see who else I could bring home. There were a ton of kittens of all sizes and colors in those little cages. And as we were interacting with all of them, two little black kitties kept playfully pawing at us through the bars. I asked to see one and was overwhelmed with how affectionate and playful he was. He climbed right onto my shoulder and stayed there as if to say "Okay, I'm ready, we can go now Mom." He just stole my heart. But his little brother was looking at us and started meowing too. I looked at my mom and it was clear she had the same thought, he's got to come home too. Pharoh and Gizmo are now comfortably ruling my household and Pharoh's brother Sphynx has given my mom's older black cat, Pepper, a run for his money for house rule. These cats bring a love and warmth to your heart. It's as if they know they've been passed over time and again and finally someone has seen them for the loving beautiful animals they are and they will never let you forget how grateful they are that you chose them to be a part of the family. Black cats are God's precious gift and I know my home would never be complete without their love in our lives.

Cat Griffin

A few weeks after I lost my darling kitty to a brain tumor I began looking at a shelter's site for kitties. I saw the most beautiful and the most angry looking cat I have ever seen. She was snarling in all three of her adoption photos. She was hiding in her box and all I could see were golden eyes and fangs along with long black whiskers. I thought about her for a few days before my Mom decided it was time for me to stop being so sad and adopt a new sweetie. I sent her the pic of "snarls" as I called her and told her that was the one for me. My mom went to see her at the shelter about 4o miles away. It took her another hour to finally find her. There she was hiding in her box. She was not eating or drinking and was too afraid of the other cats to leave her box for anything other than the litter tray. My mom placed her hand in the box and almost got her out of it. She kept trying for another 20 minutes knowing that I was so sad after fighting so hard against a brain tumor with my last cat and that something spoke to me about this little girl. After two hours of trying, the most beautiful black cat with silver shine came out of her box. She had extra toes on all four feet and amazing golden eyes. My mom said another cat walked near her which caused the black beauty to chomp on my mom's hand. With that my mom said it was official. The chomp was the seal of approval. She drove home with the little gem and held her on my couch for three hours while I finished up at work. I was in love. The second I saw her. She looked at me and ran. She was nervous. I opened the door to my bedroom and she jumped on the bed and purred. She was so happy to have a home. She settled in quickly and she is now my best friend. It has almost been a year together. I will be honest, I never thought I would ever have a black cat. Just never something I considered or really thought of. I just knew that when the time was right, the right cat would find me. Color didn't matter. I named her Gemma and she is the most perfect angel.

rachel rumer

I adopted a black kitten who was a stray. She was near the front of the apartment complex I lived at. At first, I wasn't going to adopt her because where I was going to rent only allow two cats. I talked to many friends who said that if I take it to one agency, they will put her to sleep. One year later, Mya is a joy and I'm thrilled beyond words that I took her home with me. I think the black cat adoption story is a myth.


I took in a tiny black kitten that was thrown from a car window. under 2bls spooky grew into my long slinky baby boy who loved to play outside and follow me to all over the yard. I would scoop him up in my arms and rock back and forth singing ooo baby baby. my neighbors loved him too. Spooky only made it to his 1st birthday when his kidneys stopped working, the vet said it be because of the trama of being tossed from the car. Heart broken I went to the shelter a month later to find my black spunky Samantha aka Sammycat. 7yrs old and 17lbs i had to bring her home. She is so full of cattitude and loves her big belly rubbed. She makes me laugh and we show each other lots of love. Her thick black fur and big yellow eyes melt my heart. Black cats are the best!!

Tanya Burkey

We adopted Jake for my Mom who is living withus, but he has bonded with everyone including the two large dogs. His blackness is beautiful and with his yellow eyes we sometimes call him Headlights. He is a love. you would never be sorry.


Hello all,

I adopted my black cat (David) about 1.5 years ago, and I am super happy with him. He has even gain the love of my mom who hates pets and was against me in the adoption. But, I managed to persuade her, and so did my lovable David. He was actually a collared cat, but the phone number didn't work and the microship wasn't registered. I couldn't bare to leave him out there, so we took him in.

Black cats are extremely smart! I say this because David knows how to get what he wants. For example, he loves to go in the bathroom to play in the tub. But sometimes, we don't want him in there because he plays with the water and sometimes the toilet paper. So, we would close the door, but he always managed to play with the knob to get inside. Another time, his litter box wasn't cleaned and he went to wake up my parents (around there usually wake up time for work...but on a their off day), and communicated to my mom that he wanted it clean. And guess what? He got it! The same thing with going outside to play. He would brush up against my dad's leg and jump on him to give him hugs because he wants to go out. Once again, he gets it. Black cats are just that good!

I don't care what other people say about black cats being bad luck. He is wonderful, and I hope other people will give them a chance. They are smart, gentle, lovable and fun to have. I say all that time that he's like my little black panther, especially when he's hiding among the plants in the house.


I adopted two black cats a little over a year ago and they are two of the best kitties We have ever had! Personable, well-behaved, but still crazy kitties at times; they are perfect and beautiful to look at!