The REAL Scary Truth about Black Cats

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 11:15am

Have you heard the myth that black cats are unsafe in October, in part because witches may try to adopt them for rituals? We sure have. But guess what? Top ASPCA experts agree that it’s just not true.

At the ASPCA, we LOVE black kitties. (Some of our friendliest cats, like Marissa, are black—yet Marissa has waited more than nine months to find a family. What’s up with that?)

Aside from the most important reason to adopt black kitties—that they really need extra help finding homes—here are a few reasons to take home one or two:

  • Their fur won’t show on your little black dress.
  • You can tell your kids you adopted a mini panther.
  • Black cats go with everything.
  • In most cultures, black cats are a sign of good luck.
  • You already know black cats are awesome—you have one at home! If you’ve got a great black kitty, tell us about him or her in the comments. You just might persuade someone else to give these felines a little extra attention.



David Dubiaga

My black kitty is named smoke. He is the most loving and loyal kitty I have ever had. He'd just love to be around doing his own thing when i'm out working in the yard or relax on my lap when I'm doing the same. When I call his name, he would come running to be with me. He was never a pest, just loved to be around.


I have 2 black cats and they are the best cats I have ever had. Menace was 4 weeks old when I found her under my steps meowing, she is my cuddler. I adopted Mork when he was 6 months old because he talked alot. They have become very vocal best friends. Everyone should have a black cat they are awesome!

Robin Pasholk

Some friends of ours found a tiny black kitten a few years ago--she was sitting all alone under a tree, crying her little heart out. They brought her to us, since they couldn't have pets at their place and we've had experience raising orphan kittens. Little Midnight is still with us, though she's grown into a sleek black-velvet cat with gorgeous green eyes. And she has more than one name, too: a little friend of ours calls her "Ni'Ni" (the closest he can come to saying Midnight), and I call her "Minuit Fantastique" when I speak French to her--"Fantastic Midnight" (she likes my speaking French to her for some reason!) She is a darling!


I got my first cat when I was ten years old. When I went to the shelter to adopt I was all set in that I wanted a little orange boy, but that all change when I saw Sabrina. She was the only black kitty and the only kitty that wasn't asleep.she stole our hearts. For 11 years she made our family very happy. She would fetch for us and was always showing her love for our family. Sadly she passed away two most shy of her 12th birthday. She was my first love and will always be missed. But I know I made the best choice when we brought her home.

Karen Smith

Izzy my black cat was a rescue of my retail customer. When she told me she could not keep her due to her health, she started to cry! I went on my next day off & adopted her @ the Islip Shelter. Izzy is a love & loves me!!! All are animals are......"THEY" are a gift from GOD!

Karin Lease

My black cat (with green eyes) has been with me for 16 years. he is loyal, mostly well mannered and very loving.
The sad thing is he loves the 2 chihuahuas, but they mostly snub him. I believe he thinks he IS a dog. LoL.


When my daughter was away at college she adopted 4 cats two of them were black. When she graduated they moved from Rhode Island to North Dakota. Their new landloard told them they could have only one cat and their dog. So they left 2 cats with me and took the 2 black cats. She said the the landloard would never know they have more than one because they both look the same, it worked he never knew and when they found a place that would let them all live, she flew back to New Jersey and took the other 2. So get 2 no one will ever know.


I have a BIG all-black short-haired male cat.....he is a wonderful soul and love angel from heaven. I can't believe in this day and age that there are people out there who STILL think black cats are bad luck......and they really ARE out there because I've talked to a couple of them.....what idiots. If anyone knew "my" big boy, they would be trying to steal him from me.......he is just a big old lovable can of ham who is so loving and not one mean bone in his body. I thank God for sending him my way as a stray at around 6 months old. "I" am truly blessed.

Laura McGowan

I have had several all black cats in the past 30 years (in addition to many others). They have been the most loving, affectionate and sweet-tempered cats I've ever had. Shame on anyone for allowing stereotypes to influence their actions for black cats. They deserve love, too!

Erin Gingerich

We have 2 black kitties (and a black dog). We love them, one is a domestic short hair and one is a domestic medium hair. Our oldest one Fleur is very sweet, she even gives kisses! She and our other little gal are the best bug- catchers we've ever had- they especially like spiders and I hate spiders so I love when they pursue a creepy crawly! Tonks is our youngest and she is so spunky, she constantly entertains us with her antics- she is very playful, she just turned 1! We love all our black animals, I think they are the sweetest things around!