The REAL Scary Truth about Black Cats

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 11:15am

Have you heard the myth that black cats are unsafe in October, in part because witches may try to adopt them for rituals? We sure have. But guess what? Top ASPCA experts agree that it’s just not true.

Unfortunately, the truth is kinda scary, too: Year-round, black cats are the least likely to get adopted in shelters across the U.S. In fact, black animals in general take more time to find homes, says Gail Buchwald, Senior Vice President of the Adoption Center.

At the ASPCA, we LOVE black kitties. (Some of our friendliest cats, like Marissa, are black—yet Marissa has waited more than nine months to find a family. What’s up with that?)

Aside from the most important reason to adopt black kitties—that they really need extra help finding homes—here are a few reasons to take home one or two:

  • Their fur won’t show on your little black dress.
  • You can tell your kids you adopted a mini panther.
  • Black cats go with everything.
  • In most cultures, black cats are a sign of good luck.
  • You already know black cats are awesome—you have one at home! If you’ve got a great black kitty, tell us about him or her in the comments. You just might persuade someone else to give these felines a little extra attention.




Coming from celtic Britain, Black Cats have always been seen as being very lucky; e.g. if you receive a charm braclet - for a gift - a black cat charm should be the first charm on the jewellery - I have found that if a black cat crosses my path - I'm usually in for a big, nice surprise and for me is a fortunate omen - all my life this has been the case...One of my most affectionate cats was a pure black male cat named sooty - he was a darling and folowwed me every where - like he was protecting me...They make good hunters if you need a hunter by the way;-) Enjoy the luck which will flow your way....

J. M. Konicki

My niece had 2 sister kittens from a litter her cat had. She was planning to take them to a rescue group, but I became the rescuer. One is all black and one is tiger striped. My sister named the black one BatCat (I've chosen Onyx but that doesn't seem to be sticking...). BatCat and Primrose are so hysterically funny when they're playing and I never know what state my house will be in when I get home from work. They love to eat popcorn with me while I'm watching a movie, and like two little babies, they have to be near me when I'm sleeping or getting ready for work in the a.m. I'm so glad I took these two litle girls. They are so entertaining. Black cats rule!

Ann Smith

Hi. I agree that black cats are sweet--I adopted one last September that was a stray to protect him, but not from witches! Witches, AKA Wiccans, DO NOT use animals in rituals or harm them in any way! The rule Wiccans live by is "And it harm none, do what ye will". They respect life would not sacrifice animals. I agree that there are people out there who are dangerous to cats, especially black cats around Halloween, but it is NOT Wiccans who are doing this!

Sandy D'Addario

My black cat Spooky has lived with me for 6 years. He's super friendly and loves people who come to vist. He's also a lover boy and loves to be kissed. I love hime to death and wouldn't part with him for anything. Black cats rule!!


My sweet black boy is the most affectionate, laid back of my two cats. He has had some medical problems this summer but is so patient when I have to medicate him. In the evening he head butts me from the back of the couch and sleeps curled up against my legs. Did I mention, he is also beautiful !!

Faith Edie

I had a black cat given to me years ago she was so awesome excellent mouser and absolutely loved attention. I lost her last year in a tornado in Oklahoma but she had lived 14 wonderful years before that. If I ever get another it will be just like my Gracie...

Cheryl Latshaw

First time ever having a black cat. Our male black cat "Sammy Lee" who s now 2 years/2 months old, became part of our family after our 6 year old Calico "Nala" had to be put to sleep due to illness. Out of the 5 mamma cats, black, 2 gray, yellow tabby, who had litters at the same time, Sammy won my heart when he snuggled into my folded arms. I was told he was a loner and stayed mostly to himself and would have to fight over food w/ 20 other kittens.. I plan on getting a black female kitty next. I LOVE black cats now. Please adopt & give black cats a chance in your heart & in your home. I'm sure you will enjoy them greatly. WE DO. :) :) :)

Lady Judith Weaver

I heard the old wives' tale about black cats being bad luck and therefore harder to adopt at shelters. So I immediately went to our local shelter and chose an all-black cat. He has the most beautiful green eyes and is the swetest cat ever!!! I then adopted a young black kitten who has gold eyes. They are just gorgeous!! And I now have 9 cats (3 black ones) and though I love them all dearly, the black ones are the best behaved and sweetest. Go to your shelter now and adopt a black cat/ktiten!!!! You won't be sorry!


As a cat lover when a year old (approximately) black cat appeared I started leaving food for him. One day I found him curled up next to my front door with puncture wounds on both sides of his body evidently from a dog. The vet shaved his body from his shoulder to his hips and sutured both sides. At first he was kept in a large cage on my covered deck since I had 2 indoor cats and he needed to be protected. Eventually,after his hair grew back, I brought him in the house. Occasionally he would go out for a few hours but came right back until one night. After searching the neighborhood I feared the worst. Much later the next morning he appeared with one leg obviously injured.
After a vet specialist put a pin and 13!! screws in his back leg Spooky never set foot outside again and is the sweetest, easy-going, most loving purr-machine ever.


I have two gorgeous black cats at home. The first one (Michín) was found by my brother and his friends on a trash can along with the rest of the litter. He and his friends decided to rotate the kittens so that someone would take care of one of them every night. The night that my brother had to be in charge of the kitten I fell in love with him and offered to take care of it until it found a new home. We never found a home for him, we just couldn't part from such a cutie. This was the first cat I ever had and he completely changed my perception of cats. He has been with us for almost 10 years now and he is the prince of the house. He is very talkative, a bit shy, but still playful and sweet. I love seeing his gorgeous hair shine under the sunlight, he is long and elegant and I bet he thinks he is the fanciest cat in town. He is also a big friend of dogs, and used to sleep cuddled with my labrador until she passed away.
Our second Black cat (Ahava, which means love in hebrew) followed my mother back home one day when she was walking our dog. He was just a tiny ball of fur, there was no way we could resist him. He is the chilled one of the family, never in a hurry, never nervous, always extremely cool and acting smooth. He has long hair, a round face and he is really fluffy so he looks like a little bear (I call him my bear-kitty). He is always ready for a pet, and when he's hungry he somehow signals for you to get a hold of his tail and guides you to his plate like on a leash. He is so smart and he lives up to the definition of his name.

I had always been a dog person until I had cats. Now I thank god I don't have to choose sides, I love them both!