Raw Food Diets May Be Dangerous for Pets

Thursday, October 18, 2012 - 11:45am

Just like fad diets for humans, popular diets for your pets come and go. However, there’s one particular pet diet trend that gives us pause: ASPCA experts say raw food diets for pets that include raw meat, eggs and milk may be dangerous for your furry friends. We typically recommend that pet parents opt for well-balanced, high-quality commercial and cooked foods instead.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) agrees. In studies published in AVMA’s journal, homemade and commercial raw food diets for dogs and cats were found to contain dangerous bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella, just to name a few. Other tests showed that unprocessed food diets can lead to nutrient deficiencies or excess that can cause serious illnesses in pets. Also, pets chewing on raw bones can lead to obstruction or perforation of their gastrointestinal tracts, and fractured teeth.

If you don’t want to feed your dog or cat a commercial diet, consider a homemade diet that will diminish the risks of foodborne illnesses. These meals should be thoroughly cooked and need to be formulated by a veterinary nutritionist or by your veterinarian to make sure they’re nutritionally sound.

If you are passionate about feeding your pet raw foods, please consider the following tips.

  • Work with your veterinarian to ensure that your pet’s diet is nutritionally balanced.
  • Avoid feeding raw foods in homes with babies and toddlers (who put lots of things in their mouths), the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.
  • Practice regular hand washing before and after feeding pets.
  • Practice appropriate disposal methods when cleaning up pet feces.

For more information about pet-safe diets, consult your veterinarian and check out our complete list of people foods that are dangerous to pets.

Tell us in the comments below: Do you feed your pet raw foods or a homemade diet?

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Kimberly Gauthi...

Although I do respect that everyone has a right to an opinion regarding dog nutrition and those opinions are based on their experience; it's disappointing to see an organization as well respected as the ASPCA disregard all the families feeding raw successful with amazing results, calling this a 'fad diet.'

We switched our dogs to a raw diet in April 2013 and the changes were immediate. We did this after months of research, which I documented on my blog Keep the Tail Wagging and continue to document on Raw Dog Food Reviews. I don't think raw is for everyone and I know that some make the mistake of assuming that raw just means running to the store and grabbing some meat. There are different raw food models, each dog may have different requirements, and there is a budget aspect for some to consider.

The myth that it's dangerous for the humans would mean that we should handle raw meat at all. If you've handled raw chicken, stuffed a turkey for Thanksgiving, or made hamburger patties for a BBQ and survived, the you can feed your dog raw food. Wash your hands, wash the dishes, wash the counters.

If you have concerns about a raw food diet, I truly believe that going to a traditional vet with questions isn't a great idea if that vet is closed minded - we had one - go to an open minded vet who is willing to consider alternatives and stays on top of new diets and treatments for pets. Better yet, reach out to a holistic veterinarian for help and guidance.

The raw food community is huge; big enough to have received some quality information that would have provided a more balanced article for people who are looking to feed their dogs raw. I'm disappointed that I don't see that balance here, because I know your organization does a great job providing quality information about rescue, puppy mills, and animal welfare.


A thoroughly ignorant article based upon superficial research, at the most.